6 Reasons Why Water Is More Important Than Ever

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Many people know that water is “healthy” for them. But for most, this is simply not compelling enough to create a change that is permanent and profound.

You see, if you don't truly understand the deep benefits of a behavior change, you are less likely to stick with the change.

Thus, here are 6 reasons why you need water more than ever:

1. It keeps your mind sharp: And not just processing speeds, but also mood. So if you aren't drinking enough, your mood will deteriorate to the point that everything seems ever so difficult. The good news is that all you have to do is drink more.

2. It lubricates your joints: The structure that keeps joints working properly, cartilage, is non renewable. In other words, once it wears out there is no way to get it back. Thus, if you want a long life of fitness, keeping your joints lubricated is essential.

3. It helps your body dissipate heat: Increases in heat are the primary causes of fatigue in the exercising body. And one of the main reasons fitness buffs lose their energy is because they become dehydrated too quickly. Even worse, caffeine accelerates this process.

4. It helps your cells move things around: Nutrients are best transported when your body is fully hydrated. After all, the great majority of chemical reactions in the human body happen in the presence of water. So make sure you drink to get energized.

5. It gives your digestive tract a break: Without enough water, your digestive tract has a harder time processing food. You see, just like a car operates best with lubricating oil, your digestive tract operates best with lubricating water.

6. It helps you stay regular: One of the main reasons people can't stay regular despite taking fiber supplements is a lack of water. You see, your colon uses water to get rid of waste. Thus, even in the presence of fiber if you are dehydrated, you will not stay regular.

Simply increasing water intake because it's “healthy” for you is not a compelling enough reason for most people. So take action on the advice in this article!

Writer Katherine Crawford, an exercise expert and former brachioplasty sufferer, teaches how to get rid of flabby arms. Unearth how to get sexy and toned arms by exploring her blog with advice on how to avoid a brachioplasty arm lift right now!

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Dan C Author Feb 11, 2013

one problem is of course with those drinking tap water, that it contains so many chemicals, so you fill your body with nasties like fluoride and chlorine !

if you must drink lots of water, make sure it is distilled water, being pure it helps remove all the bad stuff from your body, including joints etc

and also helps with your general feeling of wellness after a few days ??

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