5 Tips On How To Successfully Give A Wedding Speech

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Now that you've written your speech for an upcoming wedding, you're probably getting nervous about delivering it when the time comes. Don't worry. You've done the writing, which is the hard part. And now, if you use these 5 tips on how to successfully give a wedding speech, you'll do just fine!

1. Rehearse Your Speech Until You're Comfortable With. It Hopefully you wrote your wedding speech long before the date of the occasion, so now you have plenty of time to rehearse it. The best way to see how your audience will hear your speech and see you is to read it aloud in front of a mirror. When you recite it at the wedding, remember to speak up so everyone can hear you. Speak slowly and form your words so they can be clearly understood. The old saying “Practice makes perfect!” is forever a truth, so rehearse giving your speech until you feel comfortable with it.

2. You Should Memorize Your Wedding Speech. Most people memorize short speeches they need to make to an audience. (If you want, you can read your speech instead, especially if you're not good at retaining information.) Simply read it aloud over and over again, and soon you should be able to recite it word-for-word.

3. Keep the Event in Proper Perspective. When the date of the wedding arrives, it's an important day for the bride, groom and many other people who are involved with the event, including you! Weddings are supposed to come only once in a lifetime. That's why everyone strives to make it a “perfect” day.

However, Murphy's Laws tend to rear their ugly heads into our lives every day. And that's why there's no such thing as a “perfect” event. Little things are going to go wrong no matter how well the wedding was planned. Just remember if you stumble or stutter when you give your speech, that's not going to ruin the occasion. The world's not going to end either. Just do your best and it will all work out fine!

4. Save the Alcoholic Drinks for After the Speech. Another tip on how to successfully give a wedding speech is to avoid drinking alcohol until after after your job is done. You may think that a drink or two will help relax you so you can do a better job. But, with all of the excitement going on, it will be too easy to drink too much alcohol. You're better of playing it safe by drinking only coffee or soft drinks before it's time to give your wedding speech. That way, your mind will be clear, your thoughts will be focused and you won't have to worry about slurring or forgetting words.

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These are great tips you have here. I agree that too much alcohol may ruin everything. The speech should always be remembered in a more positive way.

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