Secret For Controlling Weight The Hcg Diet Renton Washington

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If you are looking for a quick way to lose weight, the HCG diet Renton Washington may be the right way to lose the weight that you need to lose quickly.

HCG stands for Human Chorio Gonadotropin. This human hormone is found in the bodies of women and men. It is highest in women who are pregnant. The hormone has been used to increase ovulation in women and sperm count in men. With the HCG diet, injections are given on a daily basis.

According to research by proponents of the diet, those who stick faithfully to the diet and take HCG on a daily basis quickly reach their goal weight, losing 3. 5 to 21 pounds per week. That is a between half and three pounds daily. The diet which is used is very low calorie (only five hundred calories per day) and is high in water and fiber. In the original diet, participants were not even allowed to use make up due to the fat in the ingredients.

The foods that are allowed are also from a very restrictive list. Breakfast is coffee or tea only. You may not use sugar and may have one tablespoon of milk for the entire day, so plan accordingly. Lunch and dinner may be selected from identical lists and includes just under a quarter of pound of very lean meat (100 grams, a select vegetable and an select fruit. In addition participants are allowed a cracker toast with the lunch and dinner meals.

According to proponents, this diet and the hormone leads to immediate loss of weight and no hunger pains, nausea or headaches. HCG is said to help burn fat so that the body gets the energy it needs and is kept out of the starvation mode.

HCG can be administered either orally or through injection of the liquid. The hormone is injected just under the skin or into the muscle.

This hormone is said to cause the hypothalamus to order your body to begin to release its fat from storage. As fat is released from the body, its energy is mixed with the calories from the food you consume in order to provide the energy needed to function.

After reaching their goal weight, participants in the diet will move into a maintenance phase. Having lived on the 500 calories daily is said to change eating patterns for life and make maintenance easier for those that reach the goal weight.

As with any diet, you should talk with your doctor before beginning this eating plan. There are risk factors that rule out certain people from participating in the HCG diet.

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HCG is gosh darn wonderful. It made me skinny in no time. I'd highly suggest everyone use it.

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