Types of Knee Braces & What You Should Look For in a Knee Brace

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If you feel pain in your knee when you do a particular sport or activity, you may benefit from wearing a knee brace.

How do you know which brace is for you? This will depend on the state of your knees and the support they need. A functional brace is used for existing knee injuries.

The most usual knee injuries occur when ligaments in the knee are damaged. Common injury types include; MCL, ACL and PCL injuries.

Functional knee braces can help support and stabilize the knee and make up the support for damaged ligaments in the knee.

A rehabilitative brace is used when you need to keep the knee still while it heals. For example, after surgery on your knee.

You also might want to think about using a brace even if you have never hurt your knee. This may help prevent possible injuries to your knee in the future.

Knee braces that help prevent injuries from occurring are called prophylactic braces.

People who take part in high impact sports and activities usually use prophylactic knee braces. These individuals already have healthy knees and just want to prevent damaging them.

If you play an intense sport like football, wearing a prophylactic brace may be a good idea. Prophylactic braces can also help to prevent MCL injuries.

What you should look for in a knee brace? When shopping for knee braces you need to keep in mind that good knee braces should help you be more active, reduce the pain you feel during activities, improve how your knee moves and feels, and help make your knee feel more stable.

A good reason to get a brace are; if you are recovering from knee surgery and need extra support while the knee heals. To support an existing injury or to prevent an injury occurring during intense activities.

There are many knee braces to choose from. Professional knee braces, magnetic braces, hinged braces, post op braces and pediatric braces are just some of the most common.

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