Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment For Pain

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Many people have found that natural hemorrhoid treatment is a good adjunct, or perhaps a complete alternative, to the veritable plethora of commercially available medicines.

Hemorrhoids are veins in the lower rectum or around the anus that have become bloated with blood. Associated pain manifests itself as swelling, itching and bleeding. It is highly uncomfortable, annoying and distressing. During flare-ups, some sufferers find it too painful to sit. Many people are too embarrassed to discuss the issue with partners or even their personal doctor.

Hemorrhoids enlarge when the anal passage is strained. That occurs during bad cases of constipation or, conversely, diarrhea. Pregnancy and permanently overweight conditions can also trigger hemorrhoid flare-ups. Prolonged and severe straining during bowel movements, lifting heavy loads and remaining seated for long uninterrupted periods over many years can also provoke the condition. Hemorrhoid sufferers tend to be elderly; some reports suggest that over fifty percent of persons more than fifty years old suffer from hemorrhoids.

One of the most obvious natural treatments for hemorrhoids is eating foods that minimize the risk of constipation. Fresh fruit and vegetables as well as cereals are known for their high fiber content. Prunes and red apples are especially noteworthy in this regard. Also, fresh bananas on an empty stomach are mentioned by some people as being a particularly good laxative.

A second food suggestion is psyllium. This substance is produced from seeds sourced from plants belonging to the genus Plantago. Psyllium is a dietary fiber known commercially as mucilage and often added to breakfast cereals. It can be found as a natural product in selected health and lifestyle stores.

Witch hazel is another plant-based therapy used as a topical treatment to sooth and correct distended veins. Witch hazel is a well-known flowering deciduous shrub belonging to the genus Hamamelidaceae. Extract derived from the bark and leaves of the plant acts as an astringent. Like psyllium, it also can be purchased as a natural product. The extract is also used as an active ingredient in many commercially available hemorrhoid medications.

Fourth, overweight people tend to be more prone to developing hemorrhoids since weight strains the anus. Increased exercise and appropriate dieting can achieve a healthier weight and assist the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Bathing the anal area can bring quick relief to hemorrhoid attacks. Soaking with hot water works best for some people while cold water is more effective for others. In addition to a normal bath tub, bidets and sitz baths can simplify the task.

Finally, some people find a variety of generic substances used as topical treatments are useful in natural hemorrhoid treatment and in relieving symptoms including olive oil, vitamin E creams and similar lotions.

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I?ve had problems with hemroids for way too long. I would just like to thank you for the hemroid treatment tips; I will be putting them to good use.

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