Why People Wear Diamond Jewellery And Diamonds

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People from all corners of the world have been crazy over diamonds for decades. Many appreciate their beauty more than that of other gems. They have become the stones most frequently used in weddings and engagement rings, and they have come to symbolize love and romance.

Many people prize diamond jewelry. Diamonds are used in so many ways to create distinctive and lovely accessories. Diamonds are exquisite in everything from earrings and bracelets to necklaces and rings. There is something special about diamonds that makes us appreciate them more than other gems.


One of nature's most prized creations, no two diamonds are exactly alike. Gemologists have discovered that each diamond has its own design based on variations in the cut and the color.

Diamonds are a rare and valued commodity prized first by citizens of ancient India, then by royals around the world. Today, diamonds are a powerful symbol of wealth and fortune, giving them great worth and trade value. Diamonds of all types are evaluated, then priced by four criteria: weight in carats, color of the diamond, clarity of it's shine and shape into which it is cut. These criteria make up what are know as the “Four Cs” to diamond enthusiasts.

Carat Weight is the weight in carats of a gemstone. All gemstones are weighed in measurements of carats. Normally, the more carats a diamond has, or any stone for that matter, the more expensive it is. Each carat is divided into 100 points. Therefore, if a diamond weighs 50 points it would be considered 1/2 of a carat.

A diamond's clarity is based upon how clear the gem is. Diamonds found near other rocks or minerals may contain some blemishes. Some bits of other minerals can be found on the actual diamond. Diamonds with a lower amount of blemishes will have a higher clarity and value.

Diamond colour is simply its actual colour. Contrary to popular belief, all diamonds are not clear. Although a more perfect diamond is considered completely colourless, they can be found coloured from clear to yellow to sometimes even black. In most cases the less color a diamond has, the more value it has, but this is not always the case. The Hope Diamond is considered the most valuable diamond in the world, but it is a black diamond.

“Cut” is the final quality used to grade diamonds using the 4C grading system. The cut of a diamond measures its brightness and sparkle. There are several kinds of cuts, with the round cut being the most popular. Princess cut diamonds and marquise cut diamonds are also well loved. A well cut diamond allows this lovely gem's inner beauty to show. Diamonds are cherished the world over, for a variety of reasons.

What compels people to wear diamonds varies from simple appreciation of their beauty, to feeling that diamonds increase ones self worth in the eyes of society. This variety in appeal is one of the reasons that diamonds have remained a constant favorite of men and women alike, generation after generation. This trend is likely to continue far into the future. Diamonds will always hold a special place in our hearts.

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It's pretty awesome that no two diamonds are alike .. assuming they're natural anyway. i guess you could say diamonds are like snowflakes? just a tid bit more expensive :). all i would add to what's already here is the importance of getting a diamond grading report. people always talk about certification as the 5th C being certification, because it's more or less impossible to know the 4 C's of a diamond w/o having an expert in a lab take a look at it. GIA is one lab I think most agree is the best, most respected lab out there ? they've been doing their thing for over 70 years and even created the 4 C's. so yeah, remember the 5 C's and you'll be in good shape.

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