The Army’s Fitness Test: Goals To Aim For

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The members of the Army are undoubtedly some of the most physically fit people anywhere. Soldiers have to be in peak condition so they can meet the needs of their physically demanding jobs. While it is true that certain of the army staff , such as cooks, may not have to meet the same fitness conditions as soliders, the vast majority of army members must be in superior shape. Several times yearly, most army soldiers will have to prove their physical fitness to superiors so that the army knows the members can perform their jobs.

Superior officers in the army will administer the army physical fitness test, carefully evaluating the performance of each army member and of the group as a whole.

The standards for these physical fitness tests are so high because the army is a large group dependent upon it's every member. When one of the members is physically unfit, it can cause the whole team to suffer as a result.

Anyone Can Follow the Army Fitness Test Goals

Even though the primary objective of the army physical fitness test is to make sure the army members are in good physical condition and to keep individuals at high fitness standards, the major benefits of this test is available for people outside the army. This test is an excellent way to find out if a person is at a high fitness level.

While civilians don't need to attain the goals set by the army, these goals do in fact provide some really good guidelines for staying in shape. It can mean a lot to know that you can meet the strict standards of the army.

Three different fitness evaluations are part of the army physical fitness test. The first two tests are based on meeting a minimum number of push-ups and sit-ups. After that, a two mile run must be done by each soldier in a set period of time. Based on the number of points earned, the overall test results will be pass or fail. Even though non-army test takers might not meet such strident goals in the beginning, these are good goals to strive for.

The army has varying fitness requirements based upon the age group which each person falls into. For example, a forty year old man will have different fitness standards than a man half his age. For older members requirements are eased a bit, but the army still has some very high standards for every age group.

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hi,i will follow the Army Fitness Test Goals though i don't determine to be a army member.

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