The Most Important Muscles for Gym Workouts

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Are you new to working out, or simply looking for a new routine? If you answered yes to either one of these questions, I'll be the first to tell you that there are literally thousands of different workout routines out there, many of which do a great job at getting you into great shape.

While my tips will definitely set you off in the right direction, this in and of itself won't be enough to make a difference. The real results will come from your consistent dedication when it comes to working these muscles.

However, following a steady workout plan can go a very long way toward building your body proportionally in a way that brings great results. Let's look at the muscle groups that you'll need to work out.

I always like to start my workout rotation with one that focuses on the chest. Exercises like bench press and push-ups both benefit the chest, and you'll see some great results as far as your overall build is concerned.

Many people enjoy building their chest muscles, and they already see the value in doing so. The back muscles are neglected more often though, and they shouldn't be. These are just as important as the chest muscles.

The shoulders must be tended to as well. Strong and broad shoulders look great, and a shoulder workout is a regular part of any muscle building rotation.

Then, you must remember the arms. Biceps and triceps are two different muscle groups, and it's important that you do exercises that are specific to each. Some people work both out together on the same day, and others like to divide it up.

Many people neglect the legs, but they're absolutely critical if you're looking for the maximum results. Not only do they help the rest of your body to grow more easily, but you'll look funny if you simply work your upper body.

Other possibilities are abdominal workouts, lower back muscle building techniques, forearm training, and more. Mix these muscle groups in with some running and you'll be well on your way to some great results.

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