P90X Yoga’s Advantages

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A common impression about yoga is that it is a series of body movements performed to achieve inner peace. It may involve a lot of stretching; enough to exercise the muscles but it is all, basically, for attaining something more on the spiritual side than the physical. The strange movements, although physically demanding, are meant to relax oneself mentally and emotionally. This idea certainly has placed yoga along the likes of trances and religious rituals. For many people, it does not bring in some major changes in a person's body in terms of physical fitness.

Through the efforts of fitness experts, however, traditional yoga movements have been developed to become a new routine that helps in getting rid of fat and encouraging weight loss. The end product is a more active, more effectual and fun exercise incorporated as the famous workout program called the P90X. The P90X Yoga, which is how it is called, includes most of the old yoga body movements although, this time, it is done in a continuous manner. Hence, it still has those difficult postures that can be dealt with constant practice.

As part of the P90X program, the P90X Yoga is scheduled on the fourth day. It is a welcome break after the first three routines, which are all heavy cardio stuff, actually. This should not be considered as complete rest though. In fact, it is an entire routine that has to be performed with the perk that it is not too demanding on the body compared to the others. For the ninety minutes duration, it still employs muscle confusion, which is the signature of the P90X program. With this, the hastened growth of the muscles is spurred by exercises that focus on the significant groups of muscles.

P90X yoga's most visible positive effect on the body is the muscles' heightened endurance. Balance Postures, in particular, are movements that demand one to put on all his weight to a group of muscles and to stay in that position for about sixty seconds. He will certainly sense his muscles acquire strength as he performs the routine often. The coordination between the muscle and the mind is also enhanced through the constant and smooth transitions from one challenging position to another, an aspect needed in reflex development.

Through regular and whole-hearted execution, one can also increase the flexibility of his body. P90X Yoga requires him to perform movements that hone his body's flexibility and agility. In executing the moves, the muscles are stretched and the joints are trained to go beyond self-imposed limits. While doing these, the mind's will over the physical is strengthened. This leads to one's mental concentration being reinforced to do difficult physical movements.

P90X Yoga cannot produce amazing results for one's body, such as drastic weight loss, if done all by itself. It is considered as a part and parcel of the whole P90X program in rapid weight-loss and muscle building. It works best when done with the rest of the P90X routines.

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I didn't hear about P90x yoga. Is it part of the P90x program? Thanks for the information by the way.

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