Soap And Sensitive Skin

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Sensitive skin and soap do not always work the best together. Some soaps can be filled with harsh ingredients that dry out and irritate skin. Soap making is a refined process, and there can be plenty of different ingredients in each brand of soap.

Natural soaps are best for people with sensitive skin. Soap making consists of using a variety of products, so find soap that is made out of organic essential oils and not synthetic fragrances. When you are at the store looking for soap, or ordering online, look at the ingredients of the soap before making a purchase.

First, look at the ingredients of the soap. Soap can be scented because of the essential oils in the product. A lot of times, however, fragrance oils need to be created because they are not available as essential oils.

Sensitive skin does not do well with fragrance oils. Fragrances from essential oils may be too expensive or not available, so some people choose to use soap making with fragrance oils instead. Fragrance oils are a lot harsher on the skin than natural essential oils are.

You can also check to see how the soap is colored. Look what colorants are listed. This will determine how natural your soap actually is, since some colorants are more natural than others.

Very natural soaps will use natural ingredients, such as herbs and plants. Other natural soaps may still throw in synthetic colors, like red#2 or blue #3. Soap can be colored by mineral colorants as well.

Lye is a key ingredient with soap making. When you see that listed in the ingredients don't panic. Since there is no residual lye in the bar after it becomes soap it is completely safe.

Natural soap is the best type of soap for any type of skin type. It is especially nice for people with sensitive skin. People that switch to natural soaps often find a lot of improvement with bad skin conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis.

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This is so true. I have sensitive skin and since I've started using homemade bath products, I have not had any breakouts or rashes.

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