Essential Oils And Hair Loss

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Losing hair can be depressing. Whatever the reason for losing it, hair gives both men and women a certain value. Losing it can be more devastating to some people than others, and that is where treatments for hair loss come in.

People that lose hair place value on the hair that they do have. There are a lot of products currently available in the hair re-growth industry. A lot of these treatments, unfortunately, are not very effective.

Hair loss happens for a variety of reason. Hair loss is known medically as alopecia. Alopecia can be caused because of hormones, cancer treatments, drugs, illnesses, and even genetics.

Knowing the cause of hair loss can help with hair treatment. Sometimes hair loss can be treated in a natural, and safe, way. Organic essential oils have been used for hundreds of years because of their medical value. They have been used for hair regrowth treatments as well.

For example, organic essential oils have been known to treat alopecia areata, or male patten baldness. Alopecia areata is suspected to be caused by an inflammatory immune response that happens after a person is stressed. In 1998 a study was actually done of people suffering from alopecia areata.

Researchers used a mixture that combined cedarwood, rosemary, thyme and lavender essential oil. These organic essential oils were thought to have medical properties that could help reverse the hair loss.

Cedarwood, lavender, rosemary, and thyme essential oils were mixed together. Half of the group used this mixture for their scalp, and the other half used a plain carrier oil. The group was tested several times through out a seven month period by photography and measurements to see if there were any improvements.

Almost half of the essential oil treatment patients showed improvements. 44% of those who received active treatment saw a significant different in hair re-growth. The placebo group only improved by 15%. The study suggests that essential oil can promote hair growth.

source: Testing was done by Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Isabelle C. Hay, 1998

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Tammi Kibler Author May 30, 2010

That's interesting. I had never heard that essential oils could reverse male pattern baldness.

I picture Bugs Bunny on Elmer Fudd's head trying to stimulate hair growth with hair tonic. Maybe a whole industry was misjudged in the last century.

Thanks for the information.
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