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A wedding have to be well planned and should start 1 year before your special day. The following checklist should help you to have a stress free time during you wedding planning:

10 to 12 months before: Set wedding date (holidays observed, etc.) Discuss the process and decide if you want to have a wedding theme Start writing your proposed guest list Set up a general outline of cost

8 to 10 months before: Identify witnesses for wedding ceremony Select the wedding party (Who will be best man, etc) Find out what legal documents are required

6 to 7 months before: Possibly join a dance class for the wedding waltz training (not to be underestimated) Search for hotels, where your guests can stay overnight Decide and purchase wedding rings Book Photographer Look for locations, indoor and outdoor Organize music – live band or disc jockey (Sound system) Decide the wedding wardrobe Plan the list of events (When will the stag party be, for example)

5 months before: Complete your marriage registration Select your wedding car Inform family members about the type of dress they will need for the wedding. Look for friends to help with preparation. This could mean using a friends design skill for the layout of invitation cards. Find out about flower costs and arrangements. Plan your Honeymoon destination. Check your passports if you need them.

4 months before: Send invitations. Apply for work leave for wedding Book your Honeymoon Permits to recall witnesses Create a list what you would like for wedding gifts

3 months before: Book a hotel room for wedding night Provide hotel suggestions for your guests Search for wedding rings Think about dress for flower girls Arrange a photographer for the wedding day (this may need to be done sooner) Make a booking at the hairdressers Arrange wedding date at the registry office and pastor Discuss the process with Pastor or Priest.

2 months before: Set up your sequence of events for your wedding day. Organize a champagne reception for close family members. Order the wedding cake.

1 month before: Order the menu, drinks and discuss the table decoration Organize transportation for your guests, if necessary Order flowers for the wedding reception and flower arrangements for the car and the church

2 weeks before: Check the guest list for responses (who want to attend, who can't). Buy small gifts for the flower girls

1 week before: Discuss the details with the master of the ceremony Run a trial Make-up appointment to be aware how long it takes get ready Pick up the wedding rings Have a haircut or hair style

1 day before: Make sure the best man has the wedding rings Pack the suitcases for your honeymoon The bride should pack her handbag for the wedding Permits completed at the registry office? The hotel rooms are booked? The travel documents are complete for the honeymoon?

This list covers the main preparation task for a wedding. This list will guide you for the main tasks of a wedding plan. You may have other ideas or items you want to add.

It is important to manage the tasks within the suggested time frame, to have a stress free planning time. Hopefully this list will help you to manage the tasks stress free before the most exiting day of your live.

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