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Wedding etiquette if described in short is the practices and forms prescribed by social convention or by authority to make your wedding day flawless. Wedding etiquette is a very important part of planning a wedding.This article aims to give an overview on the basics of wedding etiquette which are followed by most weddings.

Basically, wedding etiquette states that all invitations which are sent out must be confirmed by the guests involved on whether they are attending the wedding or not. The hosts have the responsibility to contact guests who haven't replied to be able to know how many will be attending for the sake of preparing and arranging tables.

Another thing to take into consideration when sending out invitation cards are the status of the guest in question. You can allow single guests to bring a date by addressing ” and Guest” on the card.

It is a wedding etiquette to welcome and thank all guests for coming to the reception. Often enough, the bride and groom will be at the receiving entrance to welcome the guests themselves. Ushers can be used to assists guests find their seats faster.

It is known to place the family and guests of the groom on the right side and the bride's on the left side. To reduce hassle, the guests will be pleased if there is a table plan displayed to assist them finding their tables.

Usually the father of the bride will be the first one to deliver the wedding speech followed by the bridegroom. Wedding etiquette requires that the father of the bride will do the honors and welcome everyone to wedding reception since he is the person responsible for the bill. The groom will need to thank his new father-in-law for the fantastic reception.

It is simply tradition but not wedding etiquette for father and daughter to have their customary dance. There are other traditions such as the cutting of the cake, throwing the bouquet and so on. These can be done any way you please.

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For larger weddings having a wedding table plan is certainly a good idea and, as you say, guests will thank you for it.

Arranging who's going to sit where avoids the rush to get the ?best seats' which can leave close friends and family stuck at the back of the room and some guests aimlessly wandering around trying to find tables with enough free seats for their group.

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