How To Turn A Hen Party Into A Weekend Getaway?

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Just a few days before the wedding the stress is killing you. You start wondering why you didn't choose the easy way, a simple reception with a few good friends and family members. But don't feel overwhelmed before having the chance to put things into perspective. Find the moment to recharge your batteries and prepare to smile charmingly on the great day.

You can use the hen night as that moment. To make sure that you will get that escape talk to your bride's maid and give her a few suggestions of what you would like to do. She will turn your hen night into a hen weekend.

Spending a few days away from the wedding arrangements could have miraculous effects on you. The location should be somewhere in the proximity of the city; otherwise you would have to pay the transport for the other persons to make sure that she gets to your party. Mountain cabins are great places to spend the weekend with a group of good friends. All the girls will have to quit the high heels for the moment and get comfortable clothes. If there is car access or cable railway all the guests are likely to arrive safe and to be ready to have fun.

A health resort could also be a great location. The young women will enjoy beauty treatments with honey, chocolate or minerals and the older ones will bathe in hot springs which will get them in the right shape to dance at your wedding.

Keeping your guests busy is essential, wherever you may choose to take them. They don't need to ruin their fun by spending too much time worrying about the children back home or about the problems they have put on hold for the moment. Offer them great food, special cocktails and give them five minutes to admire the landscape. After this bring the hen night games and dare everyone to have fun.

The quickest way to spice up your hen night are the hen night games.

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Great article?a small holiday before wedding can do wonders for you. Hen party can be the best ideas to recharge for the biggest day of your life. Mountain cabins will surely be fun place to celebrate this.

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