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The explosion in popularity of Mixed Martial Arts over the past decade has resulted in sporting franchises, television sports, and even video games to capture a rabid fan base. A simple boxing or wrestling matches will be overly promoted and often fail to deliver on the hype. In comparison, a Mixed Martial Arts match can draw not only interest for the blinding speed and raw power of the two opponents, but also the strategy they must deploy in order to force the other into submission.

The history of mixed martial arts can be traced back to the early 1900s in Japan, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. They were not introduced to the United States until the first UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) in 1993. This sport gained international publicity and widespread exposure when Royce Grace, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter, won the first UFC tournament by defeating three challengers in five minutes. As the UFC tournaments continued each year, interest in mixed martial arts continued to grow.

Sprawl and brawl is a tactic that uses effective standing combat moves, while trying to avoid ground fighting and take downs. This kind of fighter is usually a kick boxer, boxer, thai boxer, or karate fighter who is trained in wrestling. These fighters also study submission style wrestling in case they find themselves taken to the ground. This style is very different from normal kickboxing, so almost all traditional competitors will need to alter their techniques.

Dirty Boxing and Clinch fighting use a clinching hold to keep the opponent from moving away for a better striking range. Takedowns are also attempted by using stomps, elbows, knees, and punches to strike the opponent. For extra effect, Thai kickboxing moves are also used. Mixed martial arts wrestlers can use this technique if the opponent has superior striking skills and to prevent take downs. Muay Thai mixed martial arts training will help to improve the accuracy of elbows and knees by controlling the opponent's position.

Ground and pound is a basic ground mixed martial arts tactic which consists of bringing the opponent to the floor by using a throw or takedown. The fighter then has the top position and can strike at the opponent with elbows and fists. This is also a good way to resist submission holds. Ground and pound wrestling is often used by mixed martial arts wrestlers and fighters who are experienced in takedowns and submission defense. They first take the opponent to the ground, star a grappling position, and then strike until their opponent is knocked out or submits. Although this is not a traditional style of mixed martial arts fighting, the reliability and effectiveness of these moves have made them a popular tactic in many mixed martial arts competitions.

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