Lice Treatment: How To Wash the Problem Away

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Dealing with head lice is not something any of us look forward too. They spread easily and can be hard to treat. Many people think you get head lice by being dirty but it's not necessarily true. Actually anyone can get lice and when they do it you need to kill lice to get them to disappear. Usually it is kids, or people who work them, or the ones who get lice. Often times, it is spread at school or other places where there are a lot of kids. Just remember, if your child does bring lice home it is treatable.

Cleaning the House

One of the first things you can do is to make sure your house is free of lice. Vacuum the floors and the furniture especially in the living room and the bedrooms. Vacuuming will remove hair and lice that have fallen from the head. You should also vacuum your car or car seat that the child has written it. Strip bedding and wash blankets, pillows and stuffed animals that the child has come in contact with. Dry them in the dryer to make sure everything has been taken care of. Disinfecting the furniture and bedding with the pesticide is not a good idea.

How to Kill Lice

You'll find a variety of head lice treatment available on the marketplace today. Most of them are not FDA approved. They contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to children and pregnant women especially. They're basically pesticides. And while head lice are nasty they're not worth putting toxic chemicals on your child's head. You can use alternative or natural treatments but these don't always work well. And if you read the ingredients many of them are not FDA approved either. We offer an FDA approved head lice removal that is safe to use on your child. Why risk endangering your child's health when you don't have to. When you use our product, along with washing and combing the infected hair, you'll get the results you want.

Removing Lice & Nits from Hair

In order to remove head lice you have to treat the person who has it. The hair needs to be washed and the treatments applied and then comb the hair with a special nit removing comb. You may have to retreat later. Keep the person away from others until the lice are gone to prevent spreading.

Head lice are a serious problem and can spread rapidly throughout a family. But you can deal with it safely and efficiently with an FDA approved head lice treatment that works. It's just one other way you can protect your kids.

There is a lot of incorrect and misconstrued advice about head lice on the internet. Many products on the market simply don't do an effective job. If you're looking for a proper lice treatment look for what health professionals and what Heath Topps recommends.

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A good natural remedy will not only kill the lice (more effectively) but will not aggravate the sensitive skin. In fact a remedy made up of certain essential oils such as Neem and lavender will also soothe and heal any scaring or rash obtained from the intense and consistent scratching.

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