How Can Meditation Help Your Business?

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Running your own Online Business requires a certain strength of character.

Lets face it, the technical skills and techniques needed are easily learned. Its your mindset and strength of character that will bring you great success and set you apart from your competitors.

How do you stay inspired, balanced, focused, enthusiastic and energised every single day? How do you maintain your clarity, dedication and industriousness on a day to day basis? What about maintaining a daily state of positivity and happiness and of belief, certainty and faith?

There are many, many techniques out there to help achieve this state of personal peak performance. Courses, books, personal development programs and systems, affirmations, visualisations, programming, you name it-i've tried it!

Of all these techniques, I have found the most beneficial to be regular, daily meditation. Meditation combined with a short period of inner reflection or character building.

Scientific studies into the practice of meditation, have shown incredible results in brain activity, brain synchrony and neurohormone levels. The results in neurohormones is the most noticeable effect I have felt.

My preferred choice, Planetary Peace Meditation has shown increases in neurohormones, serum serotonin and plasma melatonin of up to 300%.

Basically, what this means is, I feel much happier after meditation. I feel more relaxed and more positive about the day ahead, my business and life in general. I am more centred and have much more clarity about what I am doing.

I also have more energy to deal with obstacles, which might otherwise put me behind schedule or put me in a negative mental place.

Do you think this has an effect on your Online Business? You bet it does! If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction (books by Abraham-Hicks or the film ‘The Secret') you'll know what I mean.

If we are feeling good, and our Energy level is high, we attract what we want towards us. If your business requires new prospects hungry to buy into your business…then that's what you will get…a constant stream of new hungry prospects AND profit!

It's a good idea to use the time immediately after mediation when you're feeling great, to do things for your business. Update your blog, make a video, write your adcopy, write an article, etc. All you do will be infused with the wonderful energy you generated during meditation. This will be picked up on by your prospects, and will make them more receptive to you and your business.

I like to meditate first thing in the morning after a shower. For me, it's the perfect set-up for the day ahead. However, any time during the day or evening is fine. All you need is half an hour.

The meditation I recommend most highly is available online 24 hours a day, is fully guided, is free and only takes 20 minutes. You can find it at http://ppmaudiostream.org. Just click on Planetary Meditation for Peace.

There is much more to be said about the benefits of meditation, but this would take us beyond the scope of this article.

So for now, keep meditating and look out for my other articles on this wonderful topic. I look forward to sharing with you, tips on how to use this meditation (Planetary Peace Meditation) to specifically energise and accelerate any goals you may have in business and in life.

To find out more about my recommended meditation, visit PPMAudioStream.org

Wishing you much Success and Happiness, Graeme Stuart

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I'm sure meditation works for a lot o people. But personally I like to take a long walk across the cliffs near to where I live, gaze out to the sea and generally just clear the cobwebs. I then return to my desk feeling completely refreshed and eager to get on with my work.
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