Choosing A Wedding Gown Should Not Be Difficult

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Probably the most money you will spend for a single day will be that for your wedding – the industry is worth almost 25.5 billion dollars annually and when a wedding has an average cost of approximately 25,000 dollars that's perhaps not surprising. Organizing an enormous event like this when you are on a tight budget may seem an enormous task but it is possible; carried out properly, the majority of guests will not even realize they have attended a ‘cheap wedding'. However, sometimes all that is needed is some help with the planning to help lower that total – ideas that could help you achieve your dream day for less.

Cheap Wedding Gowns

That hand-made wedding dress is going to be the most costly individual item. As the wedding dress has probably only been worn once anyway and you can get a once expensive dress for half the price if you consider buying an evening gown or cocktail dress from a department store perhaps even look into renting your dress for the day. If this thought doesn't thrill you, cheap wedding dresses can still be located, although you may not have the range of unusual wedding dresses to choose from that you would in the higher price ranges.

Reception Costs

The bulk of the budget will be swallowed up by the wedding reception; statistics show that an average of'9 guests attend so when you are planning your cheap wedding, this is where most savings take place. There is a tendency to invite everyone you have ever known or is a member of the family but this is completely unrealistic and unnecessary; if you have a buffet instead of a four course meal, waiting staff will not be required either.

If you intend holding the wedding reception in an expensive hotel then stop and look at the available options; consider holding it at a club perhaps or even book a restaurant where you can keep an open bar to a minimum by only serving beer, wine and soft drinks.

Images of the Wedding

Photographers are expensive but there is generally no need to hire one for the whole day; why not have your friends and relatives take pictures during the reception. If you really want to be ‘avant guard', why pay for a photographer at all; these days most people know someone who is a keen, capable amateur photographer, and there is nothing wrong with asking them to take photos throughout the whole day.

Online Wedding Invitations

Cutting down on costs can also mean creating your own wedding invitations and seating cards etc; a personal computer combined with a home printer means it is quite easy to produce very professional looking results. Many people are now competent enough to produce near professional quality work; problems and errors can be corrected quickly without regular visits to the printers. With sophisticated customization tools you'll be able to enter your own text and preview it before you print; so as not to make any costly mistakes, all from the benefit of your probably underused PC.

The Wedding Flowers

There are also savings to be made with the flower displays; there is no reason why the flowers cannot be purchased from a wholesaler just as florists do. There is no reason why a friend or relative can't bake the wedding cake; this will save more money plus the traditional fruit cake does not have to be used as there are many other fillings that people enjoy.

The Wedding Limousine

One last money saving tip is too use the car of someone you know for the day, using this instead of a fancy limousine, you can almost guarantee they will be more than happy too.

Cheap weddings are possible without the wedding seeming it has been cost driven. The point is that guests enjoy the day, and I bet they won't even notice the cheap wedding invitations, cheap wedding dress, cheap wedding decorations, or any of the other cheap wedding ideas you manage to come up with!

Weddings cost a lot, and finding a reasonably priced wedding dress can be hard. But cheap wedding dresses can be sourced, and are almost as good as selecting a wedding dress from a designer.

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Great ideas! Also, if you want an unusual dress but don't want to spend your whole budget on one, buy an inexpensive, used one from sites like http://www.smartbrideboutique.com and alter it a bit to make it unique! You don't have to spend thousands on your dress to only wear it once. And you can use the money you save towards only things in your wedding! Happy shopping ladies!

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