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Not so long ago the choice of London wedding car hire company and London wedding cars were limited, there were the yellow pages and word of mouth recommendation from a friend for the London supplier. The wedding cars were restricted to vintage and classic makes usually operated by the owner or car enthusiast from his home in town. The car transfer in London involved a local pickup, a short trip to the church, then on to the reception nearby, how times have changed.

Recent changes in the law, social trends and new technology have given the bride and groom far more choice for their location of the London ceremony and reception in London. There are fewer couples getting married in church now, many couples are opting for something different, getting married in any one of a variety of London venues such as in an Abbey, or a castle, a manor house, a hotel, a pub or a venue with a theme, whichever is their dream London location. The ceremony and reception are on many occasions at the same location, and these venues are open for business throughout the week and all year round.

Has the London wedding car company changed with the times, are they be able to meet the new customer demands, will the vintage wedding car be able to meet the new customer demands. It will be vitally important to choose a London wedding car supplier who understands the changing customer requirements and is able to offer the reliable service that meets the demands of todays London wedding journey.

It was fine when the wedding car from a home wedding car operator, only had to travel a couple of miles, today the cars are expected to travel further distances, and be able to cope with the density of todays London town traffic and motorway speeds. It is more important than ever to make sure the wedding car will be able to make the journey in London.

The classic car parked on the drive all year round will probably make the short trip in London if not stuck in traffic, but the longer journey will show up an under maintained car. A modern classic Rolls Royce Silver Shadow cost many thousands of pounds when new with servicing bills to match. The wedding car maybe older now, but the high servicing costs of these cars for the small car supplier have not changed.

London wedding car hire suppliers that meet the new demands are generally larger companies with their own selection of cars. They will operate their business all year round and be available during working hours and throughout the week. They will regularly use the cars on longer London wedding transfers and operate them throughout the year, this is well known to improve the reliability of older cars. They can afford to keep them together in a large garage to be viewed at anytime, be out of the weather elements and keep them in good condition and well maintained. The larger business will have conducted more London weddings, be more likely to know the London church or London venue and know the route and that the car is reliable for the distance.

In conclusion look for a well established full-time professional company because this will be the company that is still in business when the wedding day comes round. There are many London hobbyist wedding car owners out there that do not operate as a proper business.

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In recent days the hiring of the wedding cars has become quite common. If you are planning to marry this year, then you should start making all the preparation from now. Among them, the arrangement of the wedding cars is also included.

There are different types of cars available and based on the theme of your wedding, you can select the car. There are several companies that provide services for the wedding cars. You can look out for such a service to get the best that suits your needs.

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