5 Gorgeous Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

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There are countless things to plan for during the run up to any wedding but it's worth considering your wedding centerpieces as part of the overall scheme or theme of the wedding.

These centerpieces needn't be too costly or extravagant. However, they should be eye-catching and complement the general color and theme of the wedding.

Some wedding centerpiece ideas are traditional and classical, but they could also be used to reflect the individual interests or personalities of the couple.

Need some ideas? Here are 5 great wedding centerpiece ideas to get you started:

1. Say it with flowers

Flowers don't have to cost a lot of money. They'll always be colorful and attractive, providing they match your color scheme.

For a more traditional wedding try using Orchids or Carnations. If you want something a bit more original try Alium or Larkspur.

If you are looking for something striking Caribea or Parakeet Heliconia are very impressive.

Consider using pot plants as wedding centerpieces – they look great and can be taken home by guests afterwards as a memory of the day.

2. Edible Centerpieces

Wedding centerpieces you can eat are an idea worth considering that can add interest and originality.

Think of ideas based around different fruits or chocolates (or both!) It'll be colorful and attractive (especially if it matches your color scheme) and can be arranged in any way you wish.

Our wedding was in the Fall, which meant we were able to use a range of squashes and pumpkins as our centerpieces. They looked amazing!

3. Candles and glassware.

Candles can make alternative wedding centerpiece ideas and could incorporate floating candles with flower or fruit shapes.

If it's a day-time wedding, don't worry, you can use dramatic candle holders or colorful glass to create an impact.

The use of glass bowls or vases for floating candles is another interesting idea which allows for added color and shape.

Instead of liquid, why not fill the vases or bowls with stones or sand.

4. Be creative but practical.

It's easy to get carried away with creativity but don't forget the practicalities when considering your wedding centerpiece ideas.

The size or odor of your centerpiece could put the guests off their food or stop them from seeing each other easily.

Over-powering smells could also be off putting when guests are eating.

Remember though that if your wedding is traditional, your centerpieces should follow suit but if you're going for an original wedding, the skies the limit.

5. Theme ideas.

If you've decided the traditional wedding isn't for you, here are some alternatives:

– Historical or period themes

– Japanese (Bonsai trees and origami)

– Ocean – shells, sand and pebbles.

– Back to nature! Think of trees, grasses, flowers, etc.

The options available are endless. I hope my wedding centerpiece ideas and tips have fired your imagination!

Hoping you have a truly beautiful wedding day!

Want to find out more about wedding centerpiece ideas? Visit Florence Woods's own blog dedicated to finding and writing about the very best wedding decoration ideas.

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These are some really great ideas! Wish I would have found this site when I was planning for my wedding.

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