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Since the 1970's, when Virxcan Black Salve was first introduced to the market, tens of thousands of people the world over have reported using it to successfully remove moles, warts, and other unwanted growths.

People have been amazed that by just applying a small amount of the black salve on their growths, they have witnessed an incredible 3-day to 2-week process of the salve's powerful herbal combination destroying and eliminating their growths all the way down to the roots. Where the growth had been, there was initially left a small hole, which usually disappeared completely within days, leaving the skin baby-soft and without a trace of what had been there before.

Before the advent of Virxcan Tablets, the black salve was commonly used with much success for internal growths, as well, either in the form of enemas (1/2 teaspoon mixed in 4 oz of purified or distilled water) or in capsules which were swallowed. Virxcan Tablets now provide a much more convenient and effective format for addressing internal growths. And they are reportedly now outselling the Salve 2 to 1, because end-users are claiming that they not only effectively shrink and remove internal growths, but they also cause surface growths to shrink and disappear. Many people are now purchasing both the Salve and the Tablets to simultaneously attack the growths topically and internally.

Over the years, hundreds of Virxcan users have related their experiences with the salve and tablets. I have had the opportunity to interview a number of these people. Their stories cover a wide range of presenting symptoms and sometimes extraordinary outcomes. One woman in her 50's told me that she had been very ill, suffering from a skin disorder that covered different parts of her body. She took Virxcan Tablets for two weeks without seeing any results. Then, one morning after a shower, feeling discouraged, she scrutinized herself in front of a full-length mirror in her bathroom. Suddenly, she was startled by jolt of energy that felt like an electric shock shooting through her entire body. The woman cried as she told me the amazing transformation that unfolded right before her eyes: All the sores disappeared from her head and face first, after which the healing gradually progressed on down the entire length of her body until all the sores were gone! This miraculous healing transformed her once unsightly complexion from open sores to soft, beautiful skin.

This is only one of many accounts shared by users of the tablets and salve. Almost all of the cases that have come to my ears state that the growths have been eliminated, leaving the skin soft and new and whole. Users are exultant in their praise of the product.

In my next article, I will examine the principal active ingredient of Virxcan: bloodroot.

Eric Bjarnson, Ph.D., is VP of Marketing at Sunstone, Inc., an herbal formula company. Eric offers more information on Virxcan Salve and Tablets in his new Virxcan blog. And here's how you can purchase Virxcan.

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My wife has been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and is currently seeing a MD/H doctor who is asking to see the ingredients of Virxcan especially the 12 Trace Minerals. The reason is, the doctor does not want to double up on the minerals. Please contact me ASAP or call me at 480-603-7941. My wife has started the Vrxcan pills the day after her biopsy which was 7 days ago.

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