How To Choose The Perfect Table Decorations

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This article seeks to answer the question that so many brides and party organisers have – how do I choose the perfect table decorations for my wedding or event?

The first thing we must clarify is to what table decorations refer to. Table decorations can be anything from table gems to sprinkled confetti, balloon clusters to floral arrangements and scattered petals to fancy feathers. A table decoration is anything that will give bland table linen a bit of sparkle, interest or texture.

To create the perfect mood as guests enter your reception or party room is easy once you are clear about what type of event you are having. In other words, are you creating a fun party mood or maybe having a child's christening? Alternatively, you may be having a classic contemporary event where all table decorations need to be clean & crisp and in keeping with the theme.

A child's christening is best suited to oversized balloon clusters produced in pastel shades and finished with curling ribbon; tables can then be scattered with handfuls of baby pink or blue feathers to complete the look. Whereas, if it's a birthday party you are organising, then we suggest using lots of colourful helium balloons or creating a party atmosphere using different tones and shades of one colour. A man's 40th birthday party would lend itself well to different shades of blue – turquoise confetti, royal blue table napkins and lots of balloons in varying shades of blue.

In addition to balloons, floral arrangements are a great way to create an eye-catching display. You could talk to your florist about different ideas which will be dependent upon your budget and the nature of your event.

Table favours are also a great way to bring life to your tables and can double as great table decorations. Themed place card holders, novelty shape candle favours, co-ordinating favour boxes and pretty organza pouches are all favours that can add a little interest to a place setting. A great style tip for favours is to pile favour boxes up in a tower and present them in the middle of each table; perfect for those on a budget.

One final idea for those of you who may be on a budget is to use items on your tables that you do not have to pay for. If your event focuses on a beach theme, why not scatter tables with sea shells and sand sprinkles? If your event has an organic natural theme, why not scatter tables with clusters of pebbles and tie napkins with cheap raffia? You do not need to spend lots of money on your table decorations in order for your tables to have the desired effect.

Hopefully, this article has given you some tangible ideas for creating stunning table decorations. You will of course be driven by the type of ambience you wish to create and the budget you have available. Whether you go for balloons, table confetti, petals, feathers, shells or pebbles, you are sure to create the perfect mood for your event!

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Can I also recommend using balloon lights in a vase with Magic Soil. When the lights are flashing through the gel crystals, they make great wedding table decorations

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