Disposable Cameras At Your Wedding Are A Great Idea

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Your wedding is a special time and the memories will last a lifetime. To make sure of that, you will go to all lengths. You find the perfect location, buy books upon books and read magazines till your fingers bleed. You even hire the best photographer to capture the event. With modern technology, you can get a great keep sake of the reception with wedding cameras. The little disposable wedding cameras give a “had to be there” feel to the photographs that will make a great album.

The modern disposable cameras take pretty good pictures. In fact, most of them produce photos that can be printed at 8 by 10. You have a lot of options in cameras. They take between 15 and 25 photos. Some have little monitors in the back to see the last photo taken. With some cameras the processing cost is included, others it is not. There is not much difference there as the processing cost is just added into the camera when it is bought. The only upside of paying later for processing is you saved money on any cameras that get broken or otherwise not recovered. Of course you will leave a little note with the cameras explaining what they are for and encouraging candid shots and that they can just be left on the tables when full.

Now that the reception is over have a member of the party collect the cameras. You might even have a plan in place to have them dropped off at a certain place so that they can be ready when the “now husband and wife” can pick them up when they get home. A very nice thing to do is upload them to an online album that will allow your guest to print or order prints of the photos they took or like. There are many places online that do that and if you set up the album before the wedding you can print the information they will need on the same card that you put on the table so the guests won?t lose it (at least till they get home). It will be fun for them as well as they get to see the other candid shots taken. They will probably be in some of them! You can even put together an album of the best photos so people who didn?t make it can bet a feel for what it was like. As for you, make yourself an album. You can get different sizes of different prints, edit some of them if you need to (there is free easy to use software for that) and arrange them into a delightful little album.

Another cute idea might be to order extra cameras and have them at the other functions. It would be really nice to have photos of the engagement party, bridal shower, skip the bachelor party, the rehearsal dinner and pass out a few before the wedding. Maybe even some of the planning sessions. Years down the road you will be able to walk down memory lane from start to finish.

The use of the disposable cameras opens so many doors. As cheap as they are, the options of what you can do are limited only by your imagination. You should take the time to make a plan on how you are going to use them.

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Andrea Ekard Author Sep 26, 2009

Do you own a digital camera? Did you realize that 90% of your guests own a digital camera? and 100% have a camera in their phone? So why wouldn't you recommend to your brides and grooms rather than spending 100's of dollars on disposable cameras that ?you wouldn't use? on a daily basis to have at your once in a lifetime event?

Check out sites like http://www.seeyouthen.com for a great alternative to disposable one time use, low quality, ?nobody has shot film since 1999? cameras.

Sorry, had to help. We collected over 1200 photos from guests at all our events!

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