5 Pre Workout Tips To Keep In Mind

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Health is very important for everyone. In order to achieve an optimal health, you need to have a balanced diet as well a routine exercise for your body to be healthy all the time. We need to be energetic and strong all the time as much as possible. Most people are lazy to stay in longer workouts for they get tire easily. Working out anytime unprepared is not healthy and advisable. Timing and preparation is important. Even in working out, we also need to prepare our body in order to achieve the optimum results. You have to keep in mind 5 pre work out tips before going to the gym.

1.Consume carbohydrate-rich protein meal for you to survive the intense training that you will have. Carbohydrates are believed to be helpful in providing energy and endurance that every person will need in the training. You need to eat for you to have the right nutrients in doing weight lifting. Remember to consume your meal 2 hours before the workout.

2.Lower your stress hormones in the body. It is not advisable to work out after a fight with your partner. This is also the reason why you need to eat before your training. During training, you exert effort in lifting up and an added stress is not anymore helpful.

3.Lower the amount of free radicals in your body before your training schedule. Free radicals optimize your workout recovery and performance. You can achieve this by drinking antioxidants supplements that can help you get rid of free radicals in your body. One best example of immune boosters are Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Sources of these vitamins would include yellow and orange fruits like mangoes, papayas, green leafy vegetables like spinach and sweet potato leaves.

4.Drink more liquids. Hydration is very important in your body. You have to make sure that out do not forget to drink water before working out. When the body is dehydrated, the body looses some amount of strength and it is not helpful. You need to replace the fluid you loose from your sweats.

5.Perform warm up exercises to prepare your body. Even we engage in stressful exercises, we do not want to experience muscle cramps, muscle fatigue, injuries, and soreness the day after the training, right? So you have to heat up your body to send a message to your brain that you are about to perform a stressful exercises.

Bear in mind these 5 pre workout tips in order to avoid muscle fatigue and stressful feeling the day after your training. You need to prepare your self well. Our body is like an automobile that needs to be warm up after days of sleeping in the garage. You need to heat the engine up before using it so that you won't destroy the machine of you car.

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Rahim Author Jan 21, 2010

I try to do most if not all of these before I begin my workout, especially consume fluids. Is it safe to consume antioxidants such as hot green tea before a workout? And if so, would that rule change in hot weather?

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