Best Way to Relieve Shoulder Pain Naturally

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The shoulders are designed to carry the arms with not a lot of support. There are tendons, muscle and cartilage holding the joint in a ball and socket arrangement. Unlike the hips and legs, the shoulder is easier moved in an all manner of different ways. This puts great stress on the joint which can cause shoulder pain.

The muscles which cradle the shoulder are fairly thin and distended in comparison to other joints, therefore they can be more susceptible to injury and causing a subluxation. This is the reason the shoulder is one of the most oft injured bodyparts.

Delve deeper into shoulder problems and patients may not even remember the accident which caused the pain. It could be a very difficult trauma such as a car accident or sports injury. Sometimes it is inappropriate ergonomics or repetitive microtrauma.

A chiropractor can evaluate and look for signs in mobility of the shoulder and neck to identify the problem. Although the arms are used so many times per day, the shoulder can become frozen or cause problems with just a slight movement. A common problem is the rotator cuff, as this can cause major pain and needs to be properly addressed.

As the shoulders are in close relation to the cervical area, which in turn is part of the spine, shoulder pain may be a secondary problem of spinal misalignment. Using one of our chiropractic evaluations, we can assess, adjust and maintain a common balance for your health. If the bones or alignment is out of alignment, then this can have a poor effect which can cause neck and shoulder symptoms. Headaches are also seen with patients who are misaligned.

Many medical doctors and physicians refer patients towards medications or surgery. Unless there is a tear, this invasive practice or putting medications into your body can further upset the balance. There are so many risks with surgery, which occasionally have problems and medication only masks the pain. Chiropractors use knowledge and specific techniques to find the primary cause of the problem and create a thorough plan to help the body heal.

At The Spinal Correction & Wellness Center, we have properly trained massage therapists and chiropractors who can help not only with the pain but create healing for the body. Correct spinal alignment can control numerous problems ranging from joint pain, muscular pain and internal functional issues. Our patients are advised on correct nutritional needs and are given a roadmap to wellness.

Shoulder pain is often overlooked and not treated. If left for extended periods of time, muscle or ligaments can tear and cause even bigger problems. Using medication to hide the pain, is only effective for a few hours before the next pill is needed. A chiropractor can assess the problem, help correct the alignment of a patient and massage the region back in to good health. Shoulder pain is sometimes a secondary effect of a different problem. It could turn out the neck or vertebrae are at fault but the symptom is felt more in the shoulder itself. It is important to find out what problem has been done and use a chiropractor to help fix it.

Bethesda Chiropractor Dr. Steve Wander and his staff including massage therapists have help reduce your shoulder painwith over 25 years experience. Call 301 770 1818 to see if you are a candidate or click the blue words for more information.

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When athletes perform skills overhead (throwing, hitting in volleyball, pitching in baseball, and even lifting weights overhead) but are unable to get extension in the thoracic region the shoulder has to do more external rotation then normal. This constant overuse and over range of motion can lead to mild to serious shoulder issues. Here are some great ways to increase thoracic extension.

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