Anti Aging Antioxidants and the Theory of Free-Radical Aging.

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Dont let the suns rays cheat you out of your youthful good looks. There is a revolution in progress and its called the Free-radical theory of aging. Believe me this is one revolution you want to get in on right away.

I found the biggest secret to looking young is being young. Leading an active healthy life is by far the best way to look young and be young. A good multivitamin, good food and exercise are the secret. Even the healthiest of us though can have our skin ravaged by the sun. An active life unfortunately exposes us to harmful things, and over exercise can deplete our skin of essential fats, that give us our youthful looks. Ever seen a old car that has always been kept in a garge now compair the finish on that car to one that has been left in the sun. Those effects are reeking the same havoc on your skin as they do on the cars paint job, but now with the theory of Free- Radical Aging we know how to fight back.

The Free-Radical theory of ageing. Which states that atoms with free electrons cause damage to cell structures. Has lead to a break thought in cosmetic products that deal with aging. Over the past few years Science has come a long ways in it's understanding of what causes our skin to age. Researchers have been able to look for what compounds have the natural abilitys to fight this age old problem. What they have found is truely ground breaking.

What is an antioxidant? In short an antioxidant is like a magnet that collects these free-radicals before they can damage your cell structures. In reality, they are atoms that dont have enough electrons, so they collect electrons or free-radicals from atoms that are giving them off.

The good news is that this is not a new phenomenon to life on this planet. As our understanding of this posses increases so does our understanding of how other life form around us has adapted to fight this effect. The following is a list of herbal and mineral ingredients that have been found to adhere to the laws of the theory of Free-radical aging and should be in any product that deals with this science.

*Argireline studies have found that this ingredient inhibits your skins muscles ability to contract which over a thirty day period lessons the depth of wrinkles

*Idebenone an organic compound of Quinone acts as a strong antioxidant and chemically links itself to free-radicals preventing them from damaging your skin.

*DMAE is a strong antioxidant that helps stabilize your skins cellular structure.

*Edelweiss extract an strong antioxidant made from the edelweiss flower.

*Evening Primrose Oil Extract contains gamma-linulenic acid, these fatty acids replace the oils lost in your skin that over time cause aging.

*Hyaluronic Acid lubricates and maintains your skins collagen and helps in the prevention of wrinkles.

*Hydrolyzed Wheat Gluten and Ceratonia Siliqua together act as a moisturizer and antioxidant which tightens your skin and lessens the look of wrinkles.

*Lipolight Oap it takes time to reduce the depth of wrinkles this ingredient makes them appear smother in the mean time.

*Macrocystic Pyrifer promote's smooth silky skin with the vitamins, amino acids and iodine it contains.

*Matrixyl rejuvenates the fibroblasts which the collagen in your skin need to tighten and reduce wrinkles.

*Shea Butter is a natural skin tightener it contains cinnamic acid, natural latex and fatty acids.

*Vitamin A is a strong antioxidant.

*Vitamin E a powerful antioxidant for your skins fatty acids.

These ingredients should be found in any anti-aging supplement who's creators have a strong understanding of the Free-Radical Theory of Aging.

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As for anti-aging, I definitely feel that it is so important that women (and men) look at ingredients first! Truly- there is so much toxic stuff that can be found in so so many products out there. I am glad to see that we as consumers are realizing this and that our voices are being heard for natural products that are safe. The main things that I do for my anti-aging routine are washing my face with baking soda and water, olive oil for my moisturizer and absolutely taking my Vidazorb OPC daily age defense probiotic! There you have it?and my face has not looked or felt better in a very long time!

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