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Golf as a sport can be played well. It just takes practice. The better you want to play the more you need to practice fundamentals and get good at them. This is a rule that connects all sports and golf works this way also. If you want to be good, practice, practice, practice.

Swings should be practiced regularly. Some clubs will hit better for you than others. If you have a nice size yard, you can set up practice areas. Doing this in private allows you to get the fundamentals down before hitting the green. Follow Danny and Monty. You can watch people on the green or on television. You can hire a pro (but this will reduce the size of your wallet), you can take a class, or subscribe to a golfing magazine.

Watching professional golfers play the game helps also. Take note of how pros swing their clubs and what techniques they practice. This is a good way for you to start building skills as well as absorbing more game lore.

Remember take your time and have fun. You like to golf, but you need to improve your game. Did you know that if you include a fitness regimen, it can improve your golf game by a good amount of strokes? If you work on the upper body strength, you should be able to drive the ball further and closer to the hole.

In addition, discipline working out translates to discipline focusing on your game. When you are willing to spend the time and effort it takes to become fit and help your game, it also helps concentration. You would do well to also focus on exercises to improve your golf swing. When you are working out, you don't want to go overboard. You can do a little light training everyday and your game will improve with time.

There are certain specific exercises that can improve your swing. Anything that improves grip strength, shoulder strength, and core strength (stomach and lower back) can improve your swing. Be aware though, doing too much at first can lead to discouragement.

In order to improve you overall body strength you will find that a little running, some stretches, and some lifting will do wonders for your stamina on the greens.

When it comes to equipment, you will need a medicine ball and exercise ball. With the medicine ball, you will increase your awareness and forearm strength.

If you want to step off in the deep end, you can always purchase a set of weights (with your doctors permission). These can greatly speed up muscle development, strength, and stamina. However, be very aware of straining tendons or ligaments. If you hurt these, recovery time can be extended and thus interfere with golf practice time. Furthermore, its always a good idea to get a thorough medical check up before beginning any fitness program.

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I agree that practice is the key. The most valuable golf lesson I have had is learning how to practice properly and effectively.
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