Engagement Ring Trends in 2010

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Pick up any wedding magazine and you will see an extravagance of design ideas. The difference we are seeing is the trend toward fancy and feminine. Even the ever popular sheath style has added a waistline. Curves are accentuated this year and ruffles, pleats, and flounces are everywhere. Plain is rare this year and engagement rings are following the trend.

Having said all that, the timeless diamond solitaire ring with its elegant simplicity will never go out of style. A single, perfect diamond sparkling all by itself on a simple band will always create a statement.

Jewelers are showing unique designs for the most important piece of jewelry a woman will wear. Many will allow you to design your own ring, choosing your central diamond and setting. And what a wealth of choices you now have!

Bands come in several styles. The pave bands feature smaller diamonds set in the band for as far as the eye can see. This is a great way to add a great deal of sparkle without spending a great deal more. Pave or not, you may choose from split band, twist band, double band or triple band.

A popular style this year is the 3 stone band. The central diamond and 2 smaller diamonds all cluster in the center of the band. You may choose from plain or pave bands in the 3 stone style.

If you are looking for extra sparkle, the “diamond frame” features a central diamond completely framed by smaller diamonds.

For an even more unusual ring, “fancy colored diamonds” are still gaining popularity. Movie stars are all about maximum bling and they are choosing yellow diamonds, brown diamonds and pink diamonds for their engagement rings. You will need additional information about colored diamonds and this can be found on specialty websites.

No matter which style you choose, enjoy the process. We have more choices today than ever before and nothing is more exciting than planning your future with the one you love. You will find the perfect ring at the perfect price using the tools available on specialty websites.

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I would definitely recommend designing your own ring. It adds more character to the ring and personalizes it more towards your significant other.

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