5 Easy Steps To 360 On A Snowboard

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Imagine learning how to do a 360 on a snowboard without the fear of falling. Imagine landing 360's in front of your friends and the looks on their faces. With these 5 tips you will be able to increase your confidence and show your friends who the best rider really is.

Consistent 360's can only be done when you have the proper building blocks in place. Successful 3's are a byproduct of being able to stick your edges, timing the wind up, releasing off the lip and spotting your landings.

1. Do you have front side, back side, and cab (fakie) 180's down? You need to master these beginner tricks before you can learn how to do a 360 on a snowboard. Check your ego now because you will experience pain and frustration if you are not ready. To get used to the feeling of the spin, practice doing 360's on flat land with and without your board on.

2. Sticking your edges is essential to spinning a 360 properly. You need to create a solid platform for you to jump from. Practice carving on your toe and heel edges. Start by trying to spin off a small side jump, which you can approach on your toe or heel edge. Get the feeling down and don't worry about falling as the jump should only be small.

3. A good wind up should be both smooth and stylish. When you reach the bottom of the hit, turn your shoulders in the opposite direction you want to spin. Release your wind up to initiate your spin. Your core and both upper and lower body must work together to spin your body around. Small jumps mean a big wind up and big jumps mean less.

4. Starting your spin occurs at the lip of the jump. Make sure you have your board facing down the hill when you pop off. To get more pop, you simply bend your knees into the base of the jump.

5. You should be able to see your landing area as you rotate past 270 degrees. If you start be doing backside 360's, you can really get the feel of your shoulders turning to open as you spot your landing. Your legs should touch down smoothly to absorb the landing. After you have successfully learned how to do a 360 on a snowboard, add another backside 180 to start your mastery of 540's.

You can discover the secrets of how to do a 360 on a snowboard once you have mastered the three basic 180's. Simply focus on each step: sticking to your edge, winding up to pop, the release and the spotting of your landing.

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Ive been snowboarding for years now and find that being prepared to take a fall is the only way to really learn how to do tricks such as 360's. I also find it helps if you go snowboarding with people who are better than you ? that way you always need to push yourself?
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