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Before you turn to tranquilizers to relieve stress and anxiety, you should try a safer, more effective way to relax. You can take a meditation class, but if you really want to relax deeply and quickly, try relaxation CDs.

There are any number of relaxation CDs available in record stores. Some of them are hypnosis CDs and others of them are simply soothing music, such as New Age music. The ones that most people find work the best for them, though, are brainwave entrainment CDs.

Brainwave entrainment is a proven, scientifically verifiable way to relax. Our brains are always emitting brainwaves. The beta range of frequencies is the range associated with our normal waking state of consciousness. Beta waves cover a broad spectrum of brainwaves, from a high of 38 hertz to a low of 12 hz. The more anxious or stressed we are, the high the frequency.

Brain-waves got their name from the way they appear on an EEG readout. They look like the crests and troughs of waves. If you listen to sound pulses or beats that match a particular brainwave frequency, your brain follows the beat and “entrains” to it.

Relaxation CDs employ these rhythmic beats in order to bring your brainwaves down into the desired frequency. They begin with a rapid beat that is designed to closely match the aroused state of mind you are in at the beginning of the CD. This helps you to entrain more quickly.

Gradually, the beats slow down and your brain naturally follows in what is called the “Frequency Following Response. This happens with no effort on your part. After approximately 5 minutes, the beats dip down to the alpha frequency and you will feel yourself relaxing.

You are in an alpha state of consciousness when your brain is operating at between eight and 12 hertz. This entire range is associated with various degrees of relaxation. In this state, your stress levels drop dramatically. As you go into slower and slower rhythms, you will find yourself in a meditative state. This is one of the most delightfully blissful states of consciousness you can be in.

You can use CDs to take you into even deeper states of relaxation. Below the alpha range are the theta and delta ranges. Theta is the range of light sleep and dreaming, while delta is the range of dreamless sleep and unconsciousness. People who have used CDs that entrain their brain to the theta range sometimes have extraordinary, even paranormal experiences. Others may fall asleep when they listen to CDs that go this low, but after they have adapted to them, experience lucid dreaming and other unusual realms of consciousness.

As amazing as they are, perhaps the most amazing thing about relaxation CDs is that they seem to work on everyone. Many skeptics turn into believers after their first session. It really is something to find yourself go from a state of stress to one of deep relaxation in a matter of minutes. Even many experienced meditators have said that they had never meditated as deeply as they did after listening to one of these CDS. You can try a free demonstration online and discover brainwave entrainment yourself.

Locate your free guided meditation by looking online for assistance. There are many relaxation cds that can assistance with that stress. Head online today and find out more.

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