The Pros and Cons of Obesity for a Child

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Bad habits and routines make a child to suffer obesity. Obesity is a health condition where a person gains too much weight but his age and height seems not appropriate to the weight he gains. What triggers this kind of body condition to happen to most of children?

There are different causes of the childhood obesity. This could be because of the genetic or biological factor of the child. This is one of the main causes why there are obese children. This is because some children adopt some genetic characteristics of his parents. Therefore, if ever that the parent of the child is obese in nature, there is a possibility that their child may experience obesity in their childhood.

Another cause is from the food that the child eats. Because of the modernization, the lifestyle of the people also increases. That is why the generation of the jack food, which is actually lack of nutrients needed of child nourishments, and the instant foods that triggers the people not to prepare anymore of more nutritious foods. That is the main reason why the diet of the children were not monitor, as a result the child tendency to like more those jack food which is naturally sugared and artificial based foods.

Another cause of childhood obesity is because children do not allot time for the physical routine and exercise because gadgets and high technological entertainment caught their attention. This is true since the computer and game console gadgets is what modern children interest in. Having low involvement in sports and other physical routines makes those carbohydrates to be come fats instead to becoming energy as they move and do physical workout and other physical activities.

Effects of the obesity for children are differing in many cases. That is why Psychological effects and physical effects are the two divisions of the effects of the childhood obesity which corresponds to the mental and physical effect of obesity.

Psychological effects come in many ways. If a child is some what obese, the first thing that would affect to the child psychologically is his low self-confidence. The self-confidence of a child decrease for those who are obese is being bullied by the children around him. Another is the acceptance of his friends and parents as of what is his physical characteristic. Once the people around him do not accept him as what he was, the depression now enter that could lead for the child to seek acceptance by others even if this will lead him to the wrong side of life like taking drugs and getting use to some vices that the group he want to join in are doing. On the other hand, the physical effect of the childhood obesity to the child. Even though they look healthy because they were fat, they are prone to more health complication like diabetes that eats too much sweet foods, high blood and other health disorder that might get his life in danger disease and body ailments.

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Emily Author Mar 09, 2013

This was a very helpful article. It provided many details on how obesity affects the body and mind in a negative way, and how a child becomes obese. However, the title is misleading. The title reads: Pros and Cons of childhood obesity, and there were only negative ways that obesity affects the body. I am writing a paper on Childhood obesity and parent responsibility, and I need ways that obesity is a positive thing, as well as a negative, in order to find the pros and cons.
Thank You

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