Preventing Premature Ejaculation-How To Last Longer In Bed

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Preventing premature ejaculation is actually easy and there are many things you can do for it. . By the time you are done reading every word of this article you will know what the three most important things are when it comes to stopping premature ejaculation. If you follow the advice in this article you will be lasting up to six times longer in bed within the next month

1-Consider using some creams

There are some creams out there that can help you out a lot right now. The premature ejaculation creams work because they make your penis less sensitive. If you are one of the many men across this world who suffer from premature ejaculation you probably do because your penis is very sensitive. If you can make it less sensitive you will last a lot longer. You can also purchase this stuff in a spray form, but the majority of people enjoy the cream.

2-Breathe slowly

A lot of guys out there get way to excited when having sex and begin to speed up their breathing. When you start to breathe faster, you will begin to have sex faster. If you are having faster sex you will ejaculate quicker. You will always have an orgasm too quickly if you are having sex to fast. If you want to hold it in a bit longer just remember to stay relaxed and breathe slowly.

3-Strengthen your PC muscles

Out of all the tips to help prevent premature ejaculation, this is by far the best. If you can strengthen your PC muscles (the muscle that you contract when you have to urinate) you will be able to end premature ejaculation for the rest of your life. Strengthening this muscle is easy, all you have to do is squeeze it for as long as you can then relax for a few seconds. Repeat this ten times and make sure you do it every day.

Preventing Premature Ejaculation is actually really simple when you know what you are doing. If you would like to know how to last up to six times longer just Click Here


I agree with the suggestions in this article. Premature ejaculation is largely a psychological issue. Learning to relax is a great way to prolong your sexual experience. The use of a desensitizing in conjunction with relaxation techniques is probably the best way to overcome problems with PE. Eventually one can learn to control their ejaculations without the use of creams or sprays. Think of the creams and sprays as a ?back up? plan. If you feel that you are going to finish too early for your liking then you can always apply some of the product and therefore prolong the sexual experience.

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