Tips To Avoid The Common Bodybuilding Mistakes For Beginners

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Everybody has their own method for building muscle and getting their dream body. The problem is that few people achieve their goals, because more often than not they fall into the same traps and mistakes that the majority of beginners fall into. Your body needs to be fueled properly with food and water and your muscles need time to repair and recover.

In addition to paying attention to these core principles, there are a variety of other mistakes that beginners commonly make. To see the best results, be sure that you do not fall into these common traps:

-No Plan of Action: Almost everything in life is accomplished more effectively if there is an appropriate plan of action in place, and bodybuilding is no different. Purchase a small notebook or pad that you can take with you around your daily activities and to the gym. You can use this journal as your comprehensive guide to muscle building and jot down things like:

1. Personal Assessment: You need to know where you are right now. 2. Goal Setting: You need to know where you want to be. 3. Training Strategy: You need to know how you will get there.

Step by Step Implementation ” It's one thing to have a large plan of action, it's another thing to have detailed steps that you are going to follow to actually implement it.

Results and Progress ” You of course want to be tracking your results and how you are improving. Keep track of how much you weigh, how much you lift and compare your workouts with the results to see what is achieving the most success.

Additionally, if you use a calendar to plan out your workouts in advance you'll find that you are much less likely to skip out on a scheduled training session. This will help you be consistent and move closer to your goals.

-Making Poor Eating Decisions: To help avoid poor eating decisions either keep track of your diet in your journal or use a separate notebook to cover everything you eat and drink. It's important to adequately fuel your body with protein at the right times, and it's also important not to overeat. Keeping track will enable you to walk that fine line.

– Using Various Powders, Pills and Steroids: There are various bodybuilding products available on the market. You should know to not buy into the marketing hype as most likely the claims are bogus. It is best stick with tried and proven methods to reach your intended goal. Otherwise, you may just be wasting your time and your money.

-Not Changing Workouts ” It's easy and it's tempting to fall into the same weekly pattern, using the same exact workout all of the time. However, your muscles need to be challenged and they need to be goaded into growing, it won't happen all on its own.

Doing the same things weekly without taking on a challenge may get your muscles to a particular point and then the growth pauses since it satisfies the push you give it. You can work to surpass your prior workouts by adding a bit more weight as you go by doing these to push yourself: Increasing your cardio workouts by a minute or so; Setting the incline on a treadmill at a steeper level; Adding another set to your routine; Setting the stair-climber to a higher level.

– Not Getting the Most of Rest and Recovery: You need the proper amount of rest and recovery. Get plenty of restful sleep to recover from muscle inflammation and soreness by resting more often.

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The beginner bodybuilder would first aim to achieve a certain number of repetitions, with a certain weight (say 10 repetitions with 50 kilograms on the bench press). The following week, 2.5 kilograms would be added, and so on, until the lifter can only complete six-eight repetitions.

The aim will then be to, once again, complete 10 repetitions with the weight they are currently achieving six-eight with. The truth is, the only way to progress in bodybuilding is to subject the muscles to greater a greater level of intensity on a continual basis ? commonly known as progressive resistance training.

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