I Broke Up With my Girlfriend but now I Want Her Back

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You dumped your girlfriend and desperately want her back. However, you are going to have to move quickly. But without making the usual mistakes by many men. Mistakes made by those who want to get their ex-girlfriends back.

In trying to win her back youve probably have been sending her gifts, expensive gifts. Your way of telling her how much she means to you and a desperate attempt to win her back.

Chances are though this will not work. Its a pretty old method and not very successful. What is needed here is sincerity and honesty. You need to be more innovative if you are to succeed.

Its likely you will need to jump some hoops before your dumped ex-girlfriend will consider taking you back. Even if she is desperate to have you back. You did dump her and its going to be difficult to get over how she feels about that.

Without a doubt you have seriously hurt her feelings and, of course, her pride as well and she may have revenge on her mind. How desperate are you to have her back? Are you prepared to endure all the challenges she may throw at you?

If she needs you to explain what you did and why you did it, then you better take some time to figure it out in your own head and be sincere when you sit down to explain it to her.

An apology will definitely be in order along with a promise that this will not occur again, ever. If you truly want her back this should be done with sincerity.

You saw the relationship going too fast, deepening the your feelings for her and panicked. It took you by surprise and you were unaware what was happening. Suddenly you feel smothered and overwhelmed. This is common with many men and instead of talking it over with your girlfriend, you leave, dump her.

Now you are left with an ex-girlfriend and regretting your decision to leave her. This situation is what needs to be explained to your ex-girlfriend and the need to be honest is important.

What you must guard against in a situation where you were clearly in the wrong and you over reacted, is that you don't become her punching bag. Don't allow her to use you as an emotional vessel into which she pours out all her frustrations and anger just because she can. So doormat out, understanding and apologetic guy in!

Chances are if the two of you still have feelings for each other, you will get her back after you dumped girlfriend, but you have to be clear that you're happy to try again and not simply reacting to feeling bad about the way you treated her.

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