How to Build Muscle Mass, Bodybuilding Tips to Continue Your Growth

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That is one of the most frequently asked questions around the world by bodybuilders. After all you are training hard, with good muscle building nutrition in your diet, yet your gains are still minimal.

This can be quite irritating and the frustration will start to set in quickly. If you reach this point you will be less motivated, which can be detrimental to your overall goals in the weight room and your body building success. We'll give you a few answers today that will allow your muscle to continue growing.

1) Calorie intake is where it all begins, and a lack of it could be causing your loss. The best thing you can do is keep track of the amounts you take in throughout the day. So load up on high calorie meals.

The recommended eating frame is every 2 hours. If you can stick with this, we also recommend adding certain foods during snack periods. Things like yogurt, protein bars, and dried fruits are a great option. You might need a protein shake as well, or a few of them throughout the day. This way your calories will be covered.

2) Are you getting enough protein? To build muscle mass fast you should get per pound of body weight 5 grams of protein. Excellent protein sources include: chicken, fish, turkey as well as dairy products.

One thing to understand here is that you need to have excess calories so you can grow. Keep in mind you do quality over quantity when it comes to calories, but you can cut them later. If you want to make sure it's quality protein then we recommend purchasing those huge tubs of whey protein.

3) Your Workout. Sometimes we reach a certain threshold when it comes to bodybuilding. Doing it over and over again or reciting it on the spot is a great reflection. If you can run through your workout without really thinking about it, then you've probably done it too long. You have to constantly have variety in order to keep your muscles growing.

The best thing you can do in this situation is mix it up a bit. Try utilizing different variations and create a different routine. Maybe doing your normal one backwards will help. Then again, maybe your body just needs some time off to completely recover.

4) Are you getting enough down time? When was the last time you saw someone go into the gym pump iron and then walk out half a stone heavier? Never. Clearly then you build muscle mass when you are at home and not when you are lifting barbells. You will certainly be limiting your muscle growth if you are not getting enough rest time. If anything you should be giving yourself too much time to grow as opposed to too little.

If you just can't get enough of the gym, try to at least drop your sessions per muscle group. We recommend trying to focus on 3-5 intense workouts per body part. Even if you feel the need to do more we still want you try this option. It will definitely help.

5) Water Consumption. Another crucial part to your build muscle mass bodybuilding campaign is getting enough water. Considering our body is made up of 80% water, it's probably important to drink plenty of it.

So if you are asking: Why am I not growing faster? Answer the above questions honestly and make the necessary adjustments.

Bodybuilding can be as easy or as difficult as you make it. However, in order to build muscle mass you have to stick to a strict regimen.

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David Author Jun 04, 2011

Thank you for this interesting article on body building?

I agree with you about eating more small meals per day, to speed up the metabolism?

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Patrick Mills Author Oct 20, 2009

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