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If you don't watch your step you may end up falling for some fatal muscle-building pitfalls that will literally destroy your gains. In this article I'm going to expose 4 very common muscle-building myths in order to keep you on the proper path to the mind-blowing muscle and strength gains you deserve.

1. In order to build muscle, you must achieve a “pump” during your workout. The greater the pump you achieve, the more muscle you will build. For those of you who have just began the term “pump” is the sensation you get as the blood gets trapped inside muscle tissues during training. Although a pump may feel great, it actually isn't doing anything to produce muscle growth.

It's just the increased flow of blood to the muscles, but it is not the characteristic of a good workout. A successful workout should only be gauged by the concept of progression. If you can pick up more weight or do it more times than last week, then you are progressing.

2. Building muscle will cause you to become slower and less flexible. Contrary to what you may think, building a significant amount of lean muscle mass will actually speed you up rather than slow you down. Muscles are responsible for every movement that your body makes, from running to jumping to throwing. The bottom line is that the stronger a muscle is, the more force it can apply.

3. Using proper form is essential to all exercises. While using good form in the gym is always important, obsessing over perfect form is an entirely different matter. Trying to use absolutely perfect form for every exercise can actually be counterproductive: It increases your chance of injury while at the same time decreasing your total muscle stimulation.

Moving naturally is very important when you exercise. This might also mean swaying a little bit while you curl your bicep, or using your body's own momentum while you're doing rows on the barbells.

4. Your muscles are growing if you feel them “burn”. This is another error that is common in gyms. The “burning” sensation that results from intense weight training is simply the result of lactic acid (a metabolic waste product) that is secreted inside the muscle tissue as you exercise. Lactic acid may slow your muscle growth gain rather than speed it up.

For a better understanding, and to learn the facts behind many other common muscle-building myths, visit my site. At the end of the course you understand why 95% of people fail at muscle building and get you on the correct and proper program to succeed.

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