New Genital Warts Treatment – 72 Hour Treatment

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There is a brand new ointment for genital warts that was created at the end of 2010 which is a breakthrough in removing genital warts.

Its name is Wartamine and removes the warts in just 3 days. You can see its effects within 4 hours. I say this as once the ointment is applied to the warts, the warts turn white. Then the following day the warts turn a grey-black color which is a sign that they are dead. Then the next day they simply drop off!

I went onto their website and ordered a bottle whcih came the following day in the post. I put some on straight away and can say with a big smile on my face that my wart has turned a grey-like colour. By the end of the third day im very confident my genital wart will have fallen off.

I previously in the past when I had a flare-up used Wartrol, which is the market leader, but that took 3 months to work. This new Wartamine treatment works in 3 days! It works better than a prescription drug from the doctor. Plus with these prescription drugs you get lots of side effects such blistering and intense burning. Also the drugs from the doctor cost over $400. This new Wartamine treatment is 90% cheaper.

I'm so please this cure works and at such a fast speed. I don't have to spend months and months waiting for the warts to disappear. I now know there is a treatment that works 100% of the time.

The factory say they will give you your money back too if your not happy with the results. They also post discreetly. You can buy it directly from the manufactures so you know your not been cheated out of your hard earned cash by scammers.

Ask yourself, why you spend so much money and spend months feeling uncomfortable and in pain while been out of pocket $400? Give Wartamine a try and if you're not happy with the results send it back. It's a no lose situation!

Find out more about Wartamine, please visit this site to find the best advice on this NEW treatment for HPV genital warts.

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Oxyfend Author May 28, 2011

I've just heard about the ?Wartamine? on my friend during our health seminar. She said that this genital warts treatment was really effective and very fast. As i read this blog, it definitely the best genital warts treatment nowadays. With just only 3-days, wow! That was awesome!

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