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To remove your hpv genital warts there are a lot of creams that can be used. The 3 favorites are Efudex, Podofilox and Aldara. To use these removal remedies you need to visit your sexual health clinic to get a prescription from the specialist. These creams can cost nearly $500. While using these creams expect to get a lot of side effects such as swelling, burning and blistering. This is the main reason people all over the world are creating and selling alternative effective treatments.

HPV Warts are caused by the virus HPV. The H stands for Human, the P stand for Papiloma, and the V stands for Virus. This HPV virus has 80 strains and 18 of the strains are the ones that create warts. Doctors say one person in every five people living in the western world will get hpv in their lifetime.

There are creams that can be applied by yourself with no side effects. This means that they can be safely used by you in the comfort of your own home.

There are a few medical procedures for removing hpv warts. The first way is to freeze off the warts. This is called cryosurgery. For this the nurse or doctor will apply liquid Nitrogen to the warts, which kills them in seconds. But there is a 57% chance they will grow back using this procedure.

You get the hpv virus by having a sexual relationship with an infected partner. Just close genital contact is enough to contract the virus. HPV genital warts are painless but are itchy. They do become painful during sex depending on where the warts are located.

Electrocautery and therapy can also be used to kill the genital warts. If the warts have grown huge or are forming in clusters the doctor will refer you to a STD surgeon who will remove them with his scalpel.

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Wartrol is also a good treatment to get rid of warts.

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