The Golf Shank Blues

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The golf shank can be one of the most unnerving shots you can make in golf. determining why you do it and what you can do about it, goes a long way to preventing a lot of misery for most golfers. Sometimes these shots can just come out of the blue and sometimes they are a result of some flawed part of your swing. Regardless of which, you will want to know you can actually do something about this problem.

Understanding The Golf Shank

Basically a golf shank is when the ball flies off on a hard right tangent, at anything up to right angles from point of aim. This is usually caused when the ball is miss-hit, often off the tee,and the club makes impact with the ball at the point where the club shaft meets the club-face, otherwise known as the hosel or shank area of the club.

More often than not the player has incorrectly transferred their weight during the back-swing and ended up pushing forward onto their toes during the downswing, thereby moving the shaft of the club closer to the ball, the club-face farther from the ball and hitting more with the heel of the club. This is often accompanied by having the club-face in a more open angle than is necessary due pulling the heel of the club and not being square to the target, adding to the inevitability of the shank shot.

Work the toe of the club rather than the heel of the club as you follow through the downswing to address the ball. The club needs to be aligned and square at point of contact.

So What is Required To Fix a Golf Shank ?

Good balance and good rotation are keys to fixing a golf shank.If you swing out too far on the back-swing you will end up swinging through too much and out in front of the golf ball. To this end posture and set up are very important.Try and keep your weight centered so that you maintain good balance. The best way to do this is to ensure the knees are bent, your bottom is out with your back is arched. Keep the correct distance between you and the ball.

On your back-swing ensure that at the top position your left shoulder is pretty much over your right knee, which will help maintain your arc through the downswing and have you at the correct position as you hit the ball.

It is preferable to ensure you are aiming to hit the ball more with the toe of the club rather than the heel of the club. You can more readily achieve this by aiming on a line more to the inside of the ball.

Another method to ensure you do not shank the ball is to place a line of tees on the outside of the ball. If you hit the ball without collecting the tees, you have hit the ball at the correct position on the club and you cannot possible hit a golf shank.

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After watching the tournement this weekend. a few of the golfers could have brushed up on what not to do.

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