Cho Yung Reveals Weight Loss Tips Using Green Tea.

Cho Yung

Green tea is nearly synonymous with health benefits. Previous studies have shown that it has a high amount of antioxidants due to its lack of proce...

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Blake @ Cast Iron Teapots Author Jun 09, 2010

Great Article. Did not realise all the benefits of Green Tea. Even if it means you have to have a few cups each day. Thanks for the post!

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Jon Author Nov 02, 2010

Green tea, specifically oolong tea, contains polyphenols which do aid lipid excretion (removing fat from the body). Important to ensure that you get a proper oolong tea though, as many people blend tea and label is ?oolong? when really it is not. This reduces polyphenol levels to the point that the tea has no effect.

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noramacnorton@ coffee and tea Author Oct 18, 2010

I believe green tea has lots of benefits that can give to almost anyone that consumes it. Losing weight is just one of those great things that Green tea can do. :))

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tea online Author Jul 15, 2010

Really nice article on the benefits of green tea. People don't realise how good it can be

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