Cho Yung Reveals Weight Loss Tips Using Green Tea.

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Green tea is nearly synonymous with health benefits. Previous studies have shown that it has a high amount of antioxidants due to its lack of processing. Ranging from heart benefits to weight loss, the positive aspects are constantly touted. Although green tea itself isn't a medical treatment, and shouldn't be treated like one, drinking something with many benefits surely isn't detrimental. But which blend do you choose? Several types from China and Japan are available on the market and all give the same types of benefits.

One of the more notable studies was published in the Journal of American Medical Association in September 2006 and detailed a study in Japan that followed several thousand regular green tea drinkers over eleven years. This study indicated that those who drank more of the beverage during this time had fewer cases of heart disease, especially women.

Similar studies in regards to the relationship of weight loss and the drink have been done, as well. In both cases, however, the health benefits are associated with drinking several cups per day, generally four or more cups. In addition, to combat heart disease and see results for weight loss, healthy diet and exercise need to be part of one's lifestyle. The benefits are in addition to these healthful behaviors.

As far as what kind of tea to choose, various types of Chinese and Japanese green tea can be found in North American tea markets. The three most common ones, however, are sencha, genmaicha, and gunpowder. Each blend, although made from the same types of leaves, varies in preparation and quality. Sencha, for example, is considered the most basic, with smaller, needle-like leaves. But as a tea which is drank regularly in Japan, it's one of the more common blends found across the world. Genmaicha, in addition, has leaves blended with rice, while gunpowder green tea leaves are rounded in shape.

Instead of going to the green tea pills for weight loss, drinking four or more cups per day is a far more flavorful experience – and will bring the same types of health benefits overtime. Choosing a green tea isn't all about the positive aspects, however, and finding a blend that you like contributes to the experience of drinking tea regularly.

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Great Article. Did not realise all the benefits of Green Tea. Even if it means you have to have a few cups each day. Thanks for the post!

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Jon Author Nov 02, 2010

Green tea, specifically oolong tea, contains polyphenols which do aid lipid excretion (removing fat from the body). Important to ensure that you get a proper oolong tea though, as many people blend tea and label is ?oolong? when really it is not. This reduces polyphenol levels to the point that the tea has no effect.

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I believe green tea has lots of benefits that can give to almost anyone that consumes it. Losing weight is just one of those great things that Green tea can do. :))

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Really nice article on the benefits of green tea. People don't realise how good it can be

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