Music Is A Must With Massage Therapy

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Massage therapy is an old practice that dates back to thousands of years ago. This therapy, which involves manipulation of muscles and tissues of the body, is very popular today as a means of rest and relaxation. People who are subject to everyday stress find it calming and relaxing to have a regular session of massage therapy. If you are one of these people, you have probably experienced getting a massage and as you may have noticed, there are certain elements that play an important role in enhancing a massage experience.

One of these elements is music. Music is an important ingredient in a massage therapy that helps a person rest and relax. Soft music is invigorating and thus is effective in creating a deeper sense of relaxation. It helps a person clear his/her mind, remove stresses, and induce repose. It keeps white noise off and provides ambient music. Moreover, it also works as a meditative, energizing, and healing tool that can really give a boost to your massage experience. If you notice, spa centers always play soothing and soft music.

Recent studies show that both music and massage therapies are effective in improving condition and status of patients who have mood and depression disorders. Music is also a wonderful help for those who are stressed with work, and or who are physically exhausted- one needs the mind and body to stop and relax.

It is no wonder that most massage chairs sold in the market today now come with integrated music players. This can complete the experience of getting a massage from a massage chair and make it seem as if you are getting one from a real massage therapist in an actual spa setting. These MP3 players come with headphones that can easily cut out the ambient noise so even if you are in the middle of the living room, you would still be able to relax your body and mind.

When buying a massage chair remember the MP3 player feature is very important, but just as important is the music you choose, jamming, energized, fast tempo music would defeat the purpose of relaxing and trying to de-stress. You want something that will almost put you to sleep…so mind and body can tune out, decompress and relax.

Music is the magic with massage. Make sure your pick of music is something that is changed often and played soft. Melodies like instrumental or classical will make a world of difference to your experience as apposed to hard rock, jamming dance tunes, or even rap. Get music that will help the body and the mind relax.

It is not a secret that music can really do wonders for your massage experience. This is why, if you are going to buy a massage chair, you must consider including this feature in the product that you are buying.

When shopping for a massage chair there are many features to consider, including MP3 players.

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I like your emphasis on music as a synergistic compliment to massage. I agree that the two work together to transport clients to a place of relaxation better than each can do alone. I didn't know that there are massage chairs with music players built into them. What a great idea. I will certainly look into getting one for my massage practice. Thanks for the great information on the benefits of music and massage.
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