Risks and Side Effects of Weight Loss Surgery

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In order to perform surgery for reducing weight is an important decision. You must be aware of the risks and side effects of bariatric or weight loss surgery before undergoing the surgical decision. Various risks for weight loss surgeries are:

1. Blood Loss

Bleeding is such a risk which is associated with any surgical procedure. In weight loss surgery the risk of bleeding is minimal, but sometimes the various blood vessels in the body can bleed several hours after the procedure is completed. This at many times can lead to internal hemorrhage.

2. Gallstones

One important risk factor, which the obese patient can have after performing bariatric surgery, is the growth of gallstones. About 40% of the patient can have gallstones from bariatric surgery. Sudden weight loss in the body can lead to development of gallstones.

3. Cardiac complications

Patient who have severe heart and lung complications and who are very obese can have chance of stroke, failure of the lungs as a result of the surgery.

4. Infection

Infection can occur at the site where the surgery is performed in the abdomen which can lead to outflow of the abdominal content and is a life-threatening condition which may even lead to death.

The different side effects of weight loss surgeries are:

1. Dumping syndrome

It is a type of syndrome in which the food taken moves much more faster in the small intestine leading to weakness, nausea, and fewer times diarrhea after a regular meal.

2. Hair loss

Loss of hair and thinning of the hair follicles is a common side effect that can happen in the first 12 months after the surgery is completed. This is an alarming situation but will not lead to hairlessness.

So, in view of the above risks and side effects of weight loss surgery one should be more cautious while making up mind to undergo surgery. The obese patients are at high risk to undergo surgery, but taking necessary precautions the surgery and post surgical complications can be avoided.

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Mimi Author May 19, 2012

I am not really at ease to be in a surgery.
It feels like I won't able to survive and its not something natural.
Nice post, it may cause hair loss- its the first time I read about it.

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