Is alternative medicine for you?

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We all strive for holistic health. Being sick all the time, while common in this day and age, is horribly inefficient, and a huge inconvenience to our coworkers and family, as well as a strain on our health care system. Even something as small as a headache or stomach cramps can throw a wrench in our routines. This is why you're reading this right now, because you want to be free of health related nuisances. A holistic approach could be the answer, as it protects you from medicine related side effects, as well as keeping your mind, spirit and emotions in check as well.

While looking at health in this new light, many people are practicing preventative healthcare. But when we do get sick, there are other options than traditional modern medicine. Some of the alternative healing methods people are rediscovering include aromatherapy, massage, herbal medicine and acupuncture.

Alternative means an option thus alternative medicine is the concept of a different, unusual and even unconventional treatment procedure in the prevention or cure of varied illnesses and ailments. There are many different types of this medical approach, ranging from ingesting Chinese medicine, usually from medicinal plants and herbs, to yoga, meditation, massage and even aromatherapy. One of the oldest and the most well known alternative methods are the traditional Chinese medication techniques.

Because of the rising negative perception regarding conventional medicine, it continues to lose the trust of the public pushing it spiraling down and losing its share of the market. One of the common complaints is its focus on limiting the treatment on the specific ailing body part only with utter disregard to the cause behind the ailment.

The common process in western medicine is to fix the current problem now and worry about the rest of the body later. This is the opposite of holistic medicine practitioners. They will usually say the body is a whole, not just a bunch of parts. So in treating a specific ailment they will always think about the whole bodies health first, and then figure out a way to cure the specific ailment. The reason for this is that when the whole person is at ease, the specific ailment will heal easier.

Because of this emerging concept of promoting general and holistic well being in order to treat better and faster any bodily ailment, herbal medicine is a fast rising treatment method capitalizing on the inadequacies and negative perception of conventional medicine. In the United States alone, the herbal market increased twofold in just 2 years time. However, care must be exercised in totally adopting this new method. Even with its rising popularity because of the increasing number of people who support and expressed satisfaction with herbal remedies, there are still some words of caution regarding its use and its ability to deliver the maximum benefit to an individual.

Even if alternative medicine is naturally occurring, it can be dangerous if misused or abused in certain ways. Despite a lack of FDA labeling and dosage restrictions, they shouldn't be taken in excess nor with other prescription drugs unless approved by your doctor. Combining it with alcohol is also to be avoided.

Another alternative method that is being embraced by more people even in the West these days is acupuncture. This method originated in the East particularly in China and it uses needles to cure or prevent certain diseases or illnesses. The needles are pierced into the skin, stimulating specific points in the body. This stimulation is believed to play the role in the treatment process.

With all these new ideas and concepts about medications, alternative medicine and holistic health, it could be easy to adopt immediately any form or method especially when promoted by experts or even friends. However, the important thing is to gather sufficient information first before making a conclusion and eventually move towards a decision. This is the best way to ensure that your overall well-being is not compromised.

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Aromatherapy, I really don't get the connection but I would guess that it induces the mind to relax and prevent release of some compound that causes inflammation. Does anything smell better though?

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Yes, I believe in alternative medicine. I really would not want to poison myself with side effects although for emergency purposes I still believe in traditional scientific treatments and probably in surgery too like heart bypass.

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