Biomechanics of a Golf Swing – A Step by Step Swing Analysis

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The biomechanics of a golf swing is a very hot subject within the golf industry. There are countless books that have been written about it. These books break down every little detail of the golf swing step by step. This could be a good thing but these books are so boring that reading them can put you to sleep fast.

If you are reading this, then more than likely there is something wrong with your swing. Why else would you search for the “biomechanics of a golf swing” on the web? Trying to figure out what is wrong with your mechanics can be a tough task. Are you slicing the ball, hooking, hitting behind it, or topping it? All of these things can be detrimental to your game. The good news is I can help you out.

Most Biomechanic Golf Swing Books Have a Major Problem….

Most of the golf books on the market today have one MAJOR flaw. They take a golf pro, such as Tiger Woods, and analyze his golf swing step by step. Ok, I know what you are thinking….. What is wrong with breaking down Tiger's swing? Don't I think that Tiger Woods has a good golf swing?

Well, YES, of course I do. The problem is, I will NEVER be able to swing like Tiger Woods. And you probably never will either. We just need to accept that fact. If you have ever read Tiger's book “How I Play Golf” you will notice that it deals more with course management and trouble shots than it does with the mechanics of Tiger's swing. Why? Because Tiger Woods knows that the general population would get absolutely no benefit from reading about the biomechanics of Tiger's swing. They simply cannot copy it.

The Biomechanics of a Golf Swing:

Now that we agree that we will never have a golf swing like Tiger's Woods, What are our options? Do we have to continue to slice, hook and top the ball and never achieve the scores we want? Absolutely not!! There is a better solution. Rather than making it really technical and difficult to understand, your swing biomechanics need to be simple and easy to perform. If there are just a few common positions within your golf swing that you can CONSISTENTLY develop, you will improve your golf game very quickly. Your shots will be straighter and have more distance.

You need to develop a simple golf swing. A swing that can be easily repeated, time after time without any thought or conscious effort. Try not to over-complicate the golf swing. The only areas we should be concerned about are the setup, backswing, and impact. Anything more is just making it harder than it needs to be and makes it more difficult to develop consistent muscle memory.

The Simple Golf Swing breaks this process down into 5 steps to focus on. Each step is a building block onto the next. The system is easy to learn and it will have you hitting the ball straighter and farther than you ever have. I know, because I have used it myself and gotten great results. For more information about the “The Simple Golf Swing” check out my links below:


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You mentioned the problem perfectly?we are not pro golfers. We are amateurs and learning the golf swing is a challenge. I have had my swing biomechanics analyzed?and they need to be changed quite a bit!

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