The Key To Improving Your Vertical Jump

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Do you know how to improve your vertical jump before, during, and after training? Many people do not because they have never been taught.

A few of those parts are amount of weight and number of repetitions, types of exercises, and nutrition. Make sure you use this guide to advise you on what to do for each different part.

If you are training, then make sure to even out the amount of weight you exercise with and the amount of repetitions. A lot of weight can increase your vertical but also make you slow. A lot of repetitions can make you jump faster, but not help as much with your actual vertical height.

Some exercises can be considered high weight, low repetition even without actual weights. So be aware that just because the workout you are doing does not require weights, that it still could be a high weight, low repetition exercise.

There are a few types of vertical jumping exercises that are considered to be the main vertical jump training forms. They are weight training, plyometrics, and general jump training.

Each of the forms focuses more on either amount of weight or number of repetitions. Weight training generally focuses more on amount of weight, plyometrics usually on repetitions, and general jump is usually both. It is important to do all of these workout forms in order to be able to jump high and do it quickly.

Nutrition is just as important as the actual workout when you are vertical jump training. When you design a vertical jump program, you should make sure you include what you will eat before and after the workout. Eating high-protein foods are a great way to maximize your gains from training.

Now that you know what you have to pay attention to when designing a workout, it is your turn. Make your own workout that will best benefit you while still making sure to follow these tips. Test different methods to see which one will help you increase your vertical jump height and speed the most.

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In order to have a body figure that you really want balance diet is needed.
To improve vertical jump of course proper training and good nutrition is the right key.

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