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If someone you love snores and keeps you awake every night, you are probably willing to try all the stop snoring remedies you can find. Sadly, lots of the products on the market that are made to help the problem, aren't able to fully solve this irritating problem.

When the respiratory passageway in your throat is narrowed, snoring happens when you breathe in causing the soft palate and airway walls to tremble. Various things can cause this. Some pregnant women start to snore as the pregnancy advances. Some people start to snore when then get older, or if they experience an accident. You will want to be examined by your doctor to rule out sleep apnea. This is a relatively serious health concern; your respiratory passageways shut fully for a couple of seconds so you essentially stop breathing. This has been linked to heart disease and stroke.

Getting to the root of your snoring problem is key to finding a solution, and could be why the solutions you've tried aren't working. For example nasal strips are a very regular remedy but, since few people really snore because of nasal issues, they are actually ineffective in most sufferers.

There is a very unattractive device on the market that holds your lower jaw forward. This holds the tongue still thus unblocking the airway. For those suffering from snoring due to nasal problems, an apparatus such as this may provide some relief; but, many people cannot sleep with anything in their mouth. This makes it unlikely that they will continue to use it.

Another anti snoring product is a type of plaster, made to keep your mouth closed. Although one test subject admitted that it lessened his snoring, it was simple due to the fact that he couldn't sleep with the plaster on. I can't see anyone using this remedy for very long!

Another possible snoring remedy still in its analysis stages is a singing DVD. The idea is that as you sing, you are reinforcing your mouth muscles and this can assist in alleviating your snoring. The DVD makers also encourage you to lose weight and exercise more. Those testers who did all three steps did notice progress in the sound levels and length of time of their snoring. Doctors have always suggested that losing excess pounds combined with regular exercise will help your sleep issues.

If your snoring is causing you and your partner sleepless nights, speak to your doctor or dentist and request an appointment with an ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialist. These specialists will be able to do a series of tests to figure out the cause behind your snoring and will then help you to choose some snoring solutions to find one that works for you.

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I have found that doing certain tongue exercises has helped me with my snoring (so says my husband).

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