Work Out DVDs And What To Expect

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Work out DVDs are just like work out videos. They consist of 20 minutes to over an hour-long worth of recorded exercises for you (and/or your friends) to follow along in the comfort of your own home. They can be very different from each other, and can come from very different bodybuilding companies (with very different ethics, morals, beliefs, philosophies, etc. on fitness and achieving that beach body).

You will find that there will be equally male instructors as well as female on-screen. They will have a wide array of personalities ranging from delightful and delicate, to rigid and intensely harsh. You will feel as though you are at a ballet studio for your pilates as the instructor compliments you every few minutes, or you will feel as though you are being drilled at a fitness boot-camp as that instructor yells for you to “push harder” for that last yoga pose.

If you are lucky and have gotten your hands on a decent work out DVD, you will feel either at ease, or pushed to your limits. The instructor on the screen will be in a staged area that will appear to be a dance studio, an industrial-like gym, or a beach on some island.

Usually, the instructor won't be standing alone. There will most likely be a group of men and women (depending on who the work out DVD is geared towards) exercising right alongside the instructor. They will be your guide as you may possibly feel alone and unsure of how to do the fitness moves.

This is also to provide you with the opportunity to relate to at least one or more of the people moving to the instructor's commands. There will be some exercisers trying an easy version of a movement, while there will be others trying a rather difficult version.

You will find that in some work out DVDs, no one is sweating whatsoever. They aren't even glowing. In other work out programs, you will see those people drenched in sweat all over their clothes. Again, this will be a matter of preference for you, and it will be a matter of what the director and producer want you (as the exercising customer) to see.

The beauty of purchasing a work out DVD (or two, or three!) is that the return of investment is far greater than purchasing a gym membership. The more you use the DVD, the cheaper it will have cost you to use it! This is different than the cost of a gym, where you have put down a far larger payment and continue to make monthly payments afterwards.

You can interchange the work outs at home if you become bored with the entire program. Or, you can reuse them once you are done with the program. Some folks will have enjoyed an entire exercise routine so much that they will go back and use the work out DVDs again to achieve even better results.

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Some dvd's can be quite motivational. I think people need to be realistic in their goals when starting workout regimes. I personally go with a private trainer which helps keep me focused although it can be a bit expensive at times?
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