What Are Genital Warts?

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Genital Warts are only small, but they cause big problems. They occur in the genital region and are quite soft, resulting from the human papilloma virus (HPV). There are over a hundred various types of HPV which cause the warts. Most of us have had warts on our fingers and these are also caused by HPV.

Thankfully, only a small number of the many HPVs are known to cause genital warts.

How do we get genital warts? They are transmitted by sexual contact. This means that the virus is contracted by having sex or intimate relations with a partner who is carrying the virus. The HPV passes through tiny openings in the skin that occur in the genital areas during sex.

When the virus is contracted,a wart appears often in 10 or 12 weeks, although sometimes they remain dormant for years. People with the HPV who have dormant warts can still transmit the warts.

Use of condoms can help prevent the spread of genital warts, but they are not foolproof in all instances.

The warts are usually first discovered as small, cauliflower shaped lumps on or near the vagina, anus or penis. The infection may show as an individual wart or several in a group. Unfortunately, they have been known to grow deep inside the vagina or rectum and are not visible. As a test to see if lumps are actually warts, medical practitioners use a weak vinegar solution on the wart and if it turns white, this means it is a genital wart. Sometimes a sample may be cut from it for further testing.

Women sometimes are diagnosed with HPV as a result of a pap smear test.

Because most people with genital warts have no recognizable symptoms they do not seek treatment and also have unprotected sex which helps the virus to spread.

Genital warts are aggravated by dampness of the genital region and following use of incorrect drugs.

Saline washes and creams provide some relief.

Currently, there is no treatments that can stop the virus, but there are several treatments for the warts themselves. Freezing the warts with liquid nitrogen is one treatment. They will of course feel very cold and blisters will form. Refrain from touching the blister as it will heal of its own accord. Treatment with a chemical solution which is painted on the warts is another method. Avoid wart paints if pregnant.

Creams are less harsh than the chemical paints and are ofter used when a large amount of warts are present. Hot wires are also used to burn the warts.

Take note of whatever your doctor recommends, and be prepared for a re occurrence of the warts at some time in the future as they often return.

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I think, warts are a serious skin problem, and the risks are in most cases underestimated. I believe quick treatment is unavoidable, preferably as quick as possible! In most cases the mayority of people are too perplexed, I think, and do not treat the problem soon enough. If you personally suffer from warts or comparable skin problems, be sure to get rid of them fast!

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