Airsoft Guns – How To Convince Your Parents You’re Mature Enough To Handle One

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As we write this article, we would like to let you in on some of the excitement of these airsoft guns. You see, for many years, these guns have been very popular. We got into them about a year ago and ever since then, we have been interested in the different types. Our friends even come over from time to time to play with these guns. Why? Well, because they are so much fun. As we write this article, we would like to not only tell you how much fun they are, but we would like to tell you about some safety rules behind them. Almost everyone remembers the famous line in A Christmas Story: “You'll shoot your eye out with a BB gun!” Although we tend to laugh at this line, airsoft guns can be dangerous, and it's important to know some basic safety rules.

You cannot kill anyone with an airsoft gun. However, if fired at close range, you really can shoot someone's eye out–or their teeth. Many accidents occur when you don't think the gun is loaded, so don't ever fool around with it. You should never point the gun at anyone, even in fun, and never put your finger near the trigger until ready to shoot.

Children under' are not allowed to use these guns without adult supervision. That's not just your rule; it's the law. If your child cannot accept this, he is not ready to own one of these guns. The law is there because these guns are weapons, not toys, and can cause injury if not used properly.

Proper use entails using them only in designated areas, never pointing them at human targets except under specified conditions, and carrying them in a gun case. Your child should NEVER bring one of these guns to school; many schools consider them weapons and may suspend or expel a child who carries one. Carrying them openly in public is also very dangerous, as police officers have been known to mistake these guns for other types of weapons.

While airsoft pellets are not lethal, shooting at close range can cause eye damage or loss of teeth. Your child can avoid this kind of accident in two ways. First, he should never point his gun at anyone, even as a joke, because it is too easy to accidentally shoot. Secondly, he should always wear goggles on the airsoft range in order to protect his eyes. It is wise for your child to wear other protective gear, such as bulletproof vests, guards, and steel toe combat boots. Proper gear covers his skin so that he is less likely to be hurt by a stray bullet.

Finally, your child needs to pay attention while on the range. When shooting, he should first check to make sure there are no other people within range of the target. It is a good idea in general to be aware of one's surroundings when shooting in order to minimize accidents.

Since you are under', your parents or another responsible adult have to supervise you on the range. Don't grumble about this; tell them you're glad they will be there to help keep you safe.

These safety rules may sound off-putting, but they are actually simple to follow. They boil down to paying attention, treating your gun with respect, and not shooting outside of the range. If you follow them, you can have plenty of fun. There are many shooting games that don't involve breaking any of these rules, and you can even shoot at other people in paintball like games if your targets are wearing proper protective gear.

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ALacount Author May 11, 2010

EXTRA PROTECTIVE GEAR?! They only hurt a tiny bit, adn that's nescesary to knwo u've been hit. More often thatn not they dont hurt at all!

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Enac Author May 23, 2010

As long as you wear some glasses your fine. Don't disobey your parents but I have played with 11 year olds who can really hang with the big boys. You may get hurt but don't we all?
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Thanks! Tomorrow, I'm going to wal-mart to get my own BB Gun! I've had friends who let me use theirs once in a while but not often, so I want my own. Thank you SO MUCH! For making this ?How-To?

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